1. I think it just depends how your store work. I know that most ETLs and TLs have meetings about who to place on bench or pipeline. Who has been showing interest in moving up and if that tm is showing any changes to get to to that status.(whether it's talking more on the walkie, showing more responsibility or being more dependable)from there it's a means of your TL to also guide you teach you certain things(metrics, making stories for yourself to stand out) and from then if they feel like you're ready, they start with interviews with the SD and eventual promotion. It also depends if you're open to be TL for any department or just specific ones and where these openings are available.

  2. Should have been more specific, I guess. If I could I would give all my TMs a raise cause they work their asses off and I appreciate the work they do. I tell them this all the time especially since it's food and we get overloaded with work practically everyday. My first thought was to get them a cake or make them a cake but I was told no since we're still being "cautious" about COVID and everything has to be individually wrapped(even though we're literally maskless in store and are packed in the break room but whatever, I digress). Again, I've recognized my team countless times, I would just like for the rest of the store to see it too. The uncrustables suggestion sounds great and maybe even like coffee along with it, especially since most of them work in the early mornings. So thanks 🙏

  3. You and your team aren’t on the brink of shit my guy. Your TL don’t care, your ETL don’t care and your Sd don’t care. Most of all you shouldn’t care target has insurance for all that shit. If your problem is with the OPU team then I want you to spend a month in the OPUs and tell me you give a single fuck about what the boxes look like and where they end up. Grow up and stop being so fragile.

  4. My dude, i care because it's a safety violation. It's food that everyone eats, it shouldn't be on the fucking floor.

  5. So many questions here... Why do you have wood pallets in the cooler? (specifically the milk and the other pallet as well, Food TL should be sending trailer feedback on the market product being on CHEP pallets) Why are you guys using boats and not metros and why do you use FOS wacos on metros instead of using it for the product that's ON the pallet. Why is there random cardboard on the floor? You can fit 32 cases of juice/alt milk/creamer onto ONE metro, that's 1/2 to 3/4s of the pallet there and the problem is solved. When I was OM1 I had a rule with all OPU TMs to not fully cut the cellophane wrap (some stores call them diapers) from the top all the way down, as it causes a safety issue and makes the pallet unsafe to move. Also if you were wondering food products can not be in close contact with organic material IE CHEP and yellow pallets.

  6. The wood pallets arrive that way at our store. The milk pallets are equally the same, vendor comes in and gives it to us on a wooden pallet. We get deliveries every day and since we're an overnight store, they come in early morning (2am-4am) we use U-boats to make it easier to break down and push it out since the racks start getting heavier with the milk and juiced being places on them, also, the wheels are pretty bad too so we can't really will then out nicely without almost running someone over.

  7. As a female, I will admit to leaving skidmarks from time to time. I also leave pee spots in my undies and bleach stains after giving birth.

  8. You're getting uncrustables??? I've had to change the endcap to fries so it would be nice and filled.

  9. The stupid hands free soap like I just wanna put my stuff down on the sink don't start spewing soap on my bag because you sense something.

  10. I've always joked that we'll be playing Mario kart in an old folks home while My Chemical Romance plays in the background

  11. There's the Netflix short film "If anything happens, i love you" made me cry when I watched it

  12. I had to supplement my baby with formula during his first 2 months after birth. My milk came 4/5 days after and he wouldn't latch very well. It was a struggle and I was frustrated. The one thing I can recommend is to keep at it. Supply and demand is needed. The more your baby sucks at those boobies, the more milk will come. I used a manual breast pump to pump milk and a haaka. whenever my baby would eat from one breast, the haaka would catch the falling milk from the other and that's how I built my supply. Start adding oatmeal to your daily breakfast. I make my own lactation cookies with oatmeal, brewers yeast and fennel powder. Drink coconut water or body armor and lots of water, it will keep you hydrated and make you produce more as well. Breastfeeding is difficult but worth it if you continue. But always remember that fed is best. I used to feel down cause my baby drank formula but in the long run, he's being fed, he's growing and he's healthy, so breast, formula or what have you, he's being fed. Good luck!

  13. This happened to me. I didn't know I left it in one of the boxes and when I asked our pml about it he found it wedged in the bailer. Lucky that it was still intact.

  14. Maybe its just me, but I find it embarrassing when i have to mop/clean up an aisle and i have guest not caring and trying to go through or having them come to me about some random question as they see me on my knees trying to clean a mess.

  15. NTA. First of all, he is a guest at your house. Why in the world did he think it was okay to play with hairspray and a lighter in a house that is not his own because of a video? When you're staying in someones house, there are rules one follows because its not your house. They were there for 2 years already but they are still GUESTS. You respect the property of your host.

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