1. I'm a fucking Buddhist and that is enlightenment (for real, that song is what really got me into Radiohead)

  2. Hey man, i have a weekend ticket which i'm selling by transfer, what are the price you're looking for ?

  3. Hey guys! So as a part of my masters research, I've developed this survey on human emotion when you listen to music vs. cultural sonic conditioning. I'd love it if you could take 10-15 minutes to be a part of it. I recommend you do this on your desktop and use headphones for an immersive experience. However , if you want to do it on your phone, here's a soundcloud link -

  4. Hey, can I ask how you're managing to sell it? Mine says 'resale unavailable' and I'm flipping out

  5. Mine also said unavailable and then one day it worked… maybe contact customer service? Sorry I can’t be more helpful

  6. No worries :) it's a resale ticket, so I can't further resell it. That's their policy.

  7. I'll give you £2.50 now that RATM have pulled out

  8. Hope you get it sold, sucks would've been a good show

  9. Could be the smile, are they playing anywhere else that day? They have an all points East show pretty close to the date, they'll be around

  10. Hey guys, anybody selling tickets to the Glasgow show on 23rd??

  11. Always makes you feel exactly like you need. It makes you feel your feelings, which is so important and what do many of us just don't do.

  12. I'm 30, going by myself! Love everyone on the line up, DM, let's chat

  13. Love that wee guy, give him a score every time I see him, some talent and love that he noises up all the office workers

  14. 😂 I know what you mean, he's super annoying but I can't imagine him not being a part of the city now

  15. Saw him the other day, smoking a fag and fiddling with the amp while Despacio was still playing at full pelt lol.

  16. My friend saw him legit eat a whole sandwich while despacito played in the background

  17. This movie called 'X' that was recently released. Still can't decide whether I love it or it freaked me out. 😂 But definitely made me go WTF a fair few times

  18. My friend legit saw him eat a sandwich while the violin was playing itself

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