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  1. A few months ago I asked what mini games others have played for the same reason. Dropping the link

  2. UK is about to criminalize unsolicited dick pics

  3. Really wish the US would get on board with this. It wouldn’t surprise me if the argument against it is some form of “buT oUr fREeDoMs…” though. Really hate being in the US.

  4. Uh… I was not prepared for this. Seems more suited to

  5. tampons/sanitary pads, empty shampoo bottles, broken poop knives

  6. I can’t believe this poop knife is still making the rounds on Reddit in random comments. 🤣

  7. I mained hunter for a long while and it took me until rank 68. Good luck! Just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually.

  8. You mean they fixed it? No this clip is from yesterday.

  9. Lol that’s the joke…they claimed this was fixed a few patches ago. I’ve been hit with this recently too. Beyond frustrating to spawn in and immediately die.

  10. Little dude is light years ahead of his classmates with that attitude. Even some adults struggle with this concept.

  11. To this day, (and it's just me) I do not like the spirit kunai, that's my least favorite ghost weapon in the whole game. I was never a fan of it. But switching out ghost weapon damage for blast radius is interesting because I did not know it would beef up my explosive arrow.

  12. It’s not just you. It does take some time to get used to SK, especially to gauge when to use them to get the full benefit of the cooldowns. My boyfriend still refuses to use them while I have SK on every character. BUT when you start noticing you’re able to use your ghost weapons and abilities more, it makes it harder and harder to let go of SK. I’d consider ultimate damage or oni damage on the katana.

  13. Cool, I already have ultimate damage on the katana so I'm good but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

  14. YW. Also, I’ve been playing Plat7 almost exclusively so I’ve been practicing not taking damage, learning to avoid and interrupt enemy animations, and dodge as much as possible. If you’re good at avoiding damage, I would absolutely use fire master and foul arrows. Of course, it depends on your play style but I prefer to do as much damage as possible. Most people either get healing from the inventory offerings, ronins, gift shop purchases, or one of the many unused healing drums. Since you should be out of range or behind smoke 95% of the time, there shouldn’t be too much damage you’re taking. Having foul arrows means enemy health is weakened by 25% and any damage they do to you is lessened by 25% as well.

  15. But what if I have two lucky perks on one weapon?

  16. Getting the same perk on one piece of gear is not possible.

  17. Alright, for all the curious minds out there, here’s the

  18. No pressure if you can’t. My friend and I were matched with him and we were just completely blown away by his dominance

  19. I’ve asked him. I’m actually a bit curious myself. I wish I could tell you offhand what build he’s using but usually when we’re playing there’s more than one assassin in the group and I just don’t pay attention. Whether he gets back to me or not though, definitely check out Little Chunky’s toxic build though - that one’s fun as hell and can wipe waves easily.

  20. Not true i had an epic bomb pack and switch it forbidden medicine but now i need a regular bomb pack because i have blessed strikes. I had planned on getting another one when i saw the benefit of not running another legendary item. So yea i’m pretty sure

  21. No my dude. Epic bombs have never been possible with samurai. Sam couldn’t get bombs until they released Forbidden Medicine.

  22. This video does not prove what you’re claiming though. He’s talking about an epic bomb pack with the assassin unlock perk OR forbidden medicine with the samurai unlock perk - he even says forbidden medicine. You’re merging these 2 things together. There wasn’t anything in that video, verbal or visual, about a samurai using an epic bomb pack.

  23. Idk if it’s just me but I would only go down in the very beginning, but then for the waves and bosses I would barely take damage and never go down, is that just poor placement of where and when I attack or should I play more defensively?

  24. I swear this is me too and it kills me inside lol. I just chalk it up to needing to get in the groove. If I'm going down, for some reason it's usually in wave 0.

  25. I'll add you too. I've had mine for a bit but I enjoy the challenge and coordination that goes along with trying to shoot for perfect so I keep playing with randoms to help them out too.

  26. Why do I feel like this kid should not own a turtle?

  27. Mine does this all the time. Only with this game too. So annoying.

  28. ive been told to HOLD IN MY PERIOD by a guy i know. he then proceeded to explain TO ME (A FEMALE) how mestruation works, and that I could simply HOLD IT IN LIKE PISS.

  29. At that point I mighta just said “yeah, we’ll let me stab you and you can hold all THAT blood in.”

  30. Damn. I’ve been missing out not playing with you! Lol. Would have been an honor to play with you and Little Chunky.

  31. I'm so confused. So the Assassin was solo? So you had a party of 3? But why are only 2 names crossed out?

  32. Little Chunky is known for his solo assassin gameplay. Badonkulus is just referring to him in the group as “solo assassin dude”.

  33. I can see your point, but it depends on your reasoning. For me it is selfish because I would rather be alone than have to worry about taking care of another person. I can tell you're passionate about the subject, but having such disdain for someone else's opinion is never productive.

  34. Sure, some people may not have kids for reasons that could be considered “selfish”. But even then, who cares? I don’t go around asking parents “Why did you have kids? Maybe you should rethink that.” So why do those same people feel the need to ask others, especially women, “Why don’t you have kids yet? Oh you’ll change your mind.” It makes me want to scream because it implies that I couldn’t possibly know what I want for myself. I’ve been called selfish for not wanting to have kids so yes, it strikes a nerve because I don’t believe my purpose in life is to breed. If that’s something others want, fine. But don’t try to convince people of something they don’t want to do, especially when it impacts the rest of their life and the kids’ lives. That is just shameful. Maybe I want to do any number of things that don’t involve kids. And maybe it’s none of anyone’s business and they should keep their comments to themselves. So yes, the disdain I have is real for people that ask these questions and call me selfish for not wanting kids. But I’d argue I’m just returning the disdain they’re sending my way for making a choice that they disagree with.

  35. Same. Same on so many levels. And hells bells if you bring up the idea that you might adopt. That as a person you are capable of loving someone that isn't part of your genetics and rising them.

  36. Yeah that whole adoption and fostering idea really gets them going. They really can’t comprehend that people are capable loving someone who’s not blood related…yet the irony is they are fully capable of loving their spouses and significant others…

  37. No man. It’s a waffle stomp because drains make it shaped like a waffle. Your weird dominance thing is your own fetish.

  38. Oh thank god you said this. I’m high as fuck rn so i thought maybe my brain was broken.

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