What happens when a billion dollar company has a lot of competition vs virtually none

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  1. But where is the dude? I think that it'S fake cum

  2. I will watch whatever Alex Garland is involved with at this point.

  3. Ive been a huge fan of his ever sincethe beach

  4. Is this when you go down the trail to hidden lake and then turn a right?

  5. Man i Wish i could have shorted that relationship because i fucking knew it was going to end like this

  6. I could be wrong, but Kristen was in it first, Allison tried to get her out but got sucked in even harder

  7. Damn just thinking of kreuk participating in sex cult gangbangs gets me harder than a mawfucker

  8. What we "got" was a fake band put together by a studio committee for one album. This was the test case for the very manufactured music BS that dominates the charts two decades later. That the tone of this song and others in the album were "anti-corporate" wasn't an accident, rather a focus group-tested formula aimed at current social trends of mid to late teens of the time. The group "disbanded" when enough of them realized they were puppet shills with no real artistic freedom and not legitimate artists in that capacity, and thankfully had enough integrity to walk away. Since then most have gone on to moderate success individually, proving they actually had talent even if they let the studio abuse and warp it. Gregg Alexander went on to write grammy winning and Oscar nominated songs, though he will forever be Stupid Hat Boy thanks to that stupid hat.

  9. Yeah im glad your comment went the way it did cause G.A. is. top notch talent

  10. Absolutely i once made my gf wear a buttplug at school so ive known first hand that people do this

  11. Came here for this and surprised its not the top comment.

  12. Man these onlyfans thots are spreading like wildfire on here

  13. To be fair though, hiking in leggings is amazingly practical. Scratch protection, sun protection, no overheating or chafing, doesn't snag, easy to move in, doesn't require adjustment. Ass pics are for sure not the sole purpose.

  14. I agree but its not just the leggings its whole like pink matching gym shark outfit. Its just cringy dude, youre going hiking, leave the influencer bullshit at the bottom of the mountain.

  15. Why is it that when I smoke and I've tried a few different ways, even capsules, I get super fucking anxious then depressed for the next couples day. Weed does nothing of all the benefits I always see everywhere.

  16. Basically, if it's for long term investments, you want Index ETF any of the vanguards one are amazing.

  17. I still don't understand why FIFA sells though.

  18. My friends have been buying the exact same nhl game for the last 10 years with no exception

  19. Nowhere does it say it's worth 20$, it's just a token of appreciation if you donate, I think it's cool on their behalf but not getting it either way cause there cash card program is shit. lol

  20. November 15th here. What amazes me the most is how quickly the CERB was handed out when the pandemic first started. Yet EI acts like it still uses Carrier Pigeons.

  21. Glad to see im not the only one. was there anything particular about your claim? Mine was that I quit and didnt get fired so they said they had to call my employer, but its been just over 2 months, I am lucky I had money saved up and parents to fall back on but damn.

  22. I miss the old askreddit thread where half the posts were "today i saw a dying person and put him out of his misery with a shotgun, reddit whens the last time you had to clean blood off your shirt" and then they banned like personal anecdote post

  23. I’ve read Little Women, seen the 94 film so many times. Always hated Amy’s character. She just felt like a spoiled brat who ends up with everything she wanted. Florence Pugh made me understand Amy, and I even feel a bit bad for disliking the character all these years, that’s how good her performance was. She’s amazing in both Little Women and Midsommar, but in the former she unearthed new aspects of a character that has been both analysed to death and put on screen over and over again. That’s why she completely deserved the Oscar nomination for it.

  24. Is little women horror? Or is it a like a "gone girl" type movie?

  25. Ha, it is neither. It's about four sisters growing up in the US around the Civil War (but it's not about the war at all). I guess you could say there's a coming of age aspect to it, although I wouldn't call it a coming of age film per se. It's very warm and beautiful and lovely and like being wrapped up in a big hug on Christmas Day. It's based on a beloved classic novel by Louisa May Alcott that many people grow up reading.

  26. Damn, with all my anxiety and depression maybe I should watch it haha

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