After DeSantis tussle, Disney World will host a major summit on gay rights

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  1. So I’m 19 years old, it’s 2023, I’ll be turning 20.

  2. Yes but the while EU also has to want the U.K. back. I think it’s realistic, but it requires not the just the U.K. wanting to take the benefits of membership but also the downsides, including having to work with other countries as equals. Sounds easy but in practice it would require a cultural shift.

  3. Realistically the EU would accept the UK should the UK commit more to the EU than prior to Brexit occurring, which the UK would due to renewed faith in the EU and support for it generally speaking post Brexit. Prior to Brexit, the UK was the second largest economy in the EU. They’d accept the >$3 trillion UK economy back, perhaps not with the same terms, but they definitely would accept.

  4. Nah the twist is that everyone in this trailer and every Wes Anderson movie so far with their weird stilted affect is an alien to us. When an alien shows up they will move across the frame breaking the rule of thirds and speak at a reasonable cadence.

  5. As a rare Bob main, I'd be interested. He ditches the weight and goes all in on speed.

  6. It's not a wolf but he's the only example I have - Mouse, from Dresden.

  7. I see the yellow suit of the Goddamn Batman.

  8. I get it man, whatever makes you go sleep easier at night

  9. I feel like you two are arguing different points here because I physically cannot understand where the problem is.

  10. This definitely sounds like some sort of mental breakdown.

  11. So two of the four have ties (and in the case of Littlewood he still works for the countries most beloeved educational charity - genuinely fuck the IEA) to the fucking Atlas Network so they get to go in with their other fucking cronies already in there with the likes of fucking Hannan. This is just basically allowing them to cream off the top and taxpayer expense, plus influence laws if needed for the benefits of the benefactors of their groups (e.g. play it both ways). I don't think there are words to describe quite how I feel about these absolute James Blunts. I mean in the case of Elliott you are rewarding the man who short of David Cameron is single handily most responsible for fucking this country biblically hard for the benefit of his backers at the time (as protege of that total arsehole Grover Norquist). I mean what the actual fuck is this? In all seriousness

  12. ELI5 the Atlas Network please? And like, why they’re bad. I’m uninformed and don’t know where to start.

  13. Not the person you replied to, but I have ideas here.

  14. Not the person YOU replied to, but I just had a curious thought.

  15. I think it has something to do with the reaction tubers.

  16. Yeh. People included her trailer reaction in with the T8 gameplay breakdown. After, with Kaz and onwards, each is being shown on their own and being dedicated their own reaction videos to drive traffic.

  17. Read multiverse and I initially thought that this was something mistaken as related to the game, but is actually related to Spiderverse 2.

  18. Jesus Christ we are literally talking about a media company siding with human rights purely to spite a State Government. I can't tell if that is more or less optimistic than most cyberpunk fiction but it is at least in the same ballpark.

  19. When the state government is diabolical, it’s more optimistic. If the state government is good, then it’s dystopian. It’s two sides of the same coin.

  20. Is it optimistic that the literal government is the one fighting against human rights and we're relying on a for-profit company to defend them? :/

  21. In a roundabout way yes because it implies what’s profitable is what is good and because it shows there’s still hope in standing against the government?

  22. Spring 24, My brain instantly went to stardew valley here as I tried to figure out what month that was in the real world.

  23. Whatever month it is, it won’t be coming in on a Wednesday. Pierre’s is closed. Can eliminate 1/7 of all time.

  24. When both sides start hating you, you’ve really done messed up lmfao

  25. I think its weird to promoto it on a ppv if its over 9 months away, i think it comes much sooner. But i could be wrong ofc

  26. It’s also weird to start weekly character trailers if it’s coming out any time after December. SF6 got 3 character reveals in a State of Play last month, the game was fully revealed last June, and it’s coming out in a few months.

  27. Lucifer. I loved the show because of Tom Ellis' performance, but nothing else about the show was good. "Lucifer" was single handedly carried by his charisma, and the entertainment you get from watching him. But all the other characters were boring (not because of the actors, the writing was just bland for them) unless they were interacting with Lucifer. Also the procedural elements were always insanely predictable and not interesting and took up way too much time.

  28. It made me want to see Tom Ellis in more things, and I think he’s rather under-utilised. As Lucifer he’s meant to be quite literally devilishly charming and his whole deal is desire, and the shocking part is that Ellis does it to the point that you stay 6 seasons in an objectively bad show just for him.

  29. You know there was Russian influence in Brexit and the Tory party, right?

  30. I’m on a 13 pro and frankly I see no reason to upgrade. This phone has not seen any measurable degrading. I foresee having this for a while until something truly groundbreaking comes out. I’m done with minor everything upgrades and spending another thousand bucks for a barely noticeable difference.

  31. The only reason I even have a thought of upgrading my 13 Pro Max in the back of mind is because my phone is the only thing that charges via Lighting in my house, and the new phones are getting Type C.

  32. It’s fake, Floyd confirmed it isn’t happening on Instagram

  33. To be fair, I’m fairly certain Mayweather wouldn’t know whether or not the fight is happening yet. Certainly wouldn’t be able to read anything.

  34. I think Jun is the least complete character, so we’ll see her “last” (before new reveals). We’ve seen gameplay from Lars, King, and Jack, so I’d expect them next, maybe even in that order.

  35. I dont care what he is, for me it is important how he looks like and he didnt look like this before just like everybody else in tekken 8, which is not bad as long as it looks good.

  36. Yeah because we have like a trillion polygons now to work with. Of course they’re going to look different even somewhat.

  37. That example is fucking ridiculous, that would happen regardless. You can’t seriously think object culling wouldn’t exist on PS5, not implementing it would cripple the system, power would be going towards things that don’t even matter.

  38. A Seinfeld RPG where you can customize your own Art Vandelay.

  39. Only if Martin Van Nostrand is in the party.

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