1. Could be, he might look flat without a pump.

  2. What's worse than a mod. A wanna be mod.

  3. TRT, diet, exercise. Better gym with more weight.

  4. I would argue at that age more reps vs more weight. Hell I am 40 and high weight exercises can really fuck me up. 15-20rep range is probably the money unless he has cartilage issues with repetitive motion.

  5. Even a spark would not likely have ignited this. High pressure gas is difficult to ignite.

  6. I beg to differ Edit: read what your saying. Correct on right next to it. Needs the right air fuel ratio. Like if a power line was above. Speaking from experience

  7. That's not a forehead that's a fivehead.

  8. L-Carnitine, anyone have good results? I have a 3 month supply, but the pip sucks. Is it worth going through with it? I'm trying to trim my waist line.

  9. Drill a smaller hole first. Ive got a little experience from screwing these into i-beams.

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