1. Sugar free gummy bears. The reviews on Amazon are right on. I had explosive diarrhea for what seemed like hours. The worst park was I’d eaten black rice prior, so everything coming out was purple tinged.

  2. I ended up having to replace my wifi router. I had two different TVs with the same issue (one Sharp, one TCL). Once I replaced the shitty router my internet provider gave me, they connect without issue.

  3. Yup. When I divorced my first wife, I ended up taking on a large chunk of debt and paying over $60,000 in support. No kids.

  4. I have this bass. What pickups are recommended if I want to replace the stock pups?

  5. I’ve seen recommendations for TV Jones pickups.

  6. Gretsch has falsely advertised its G2220 model as having humbuckers for the model's decade+ lifespan. Turns out, the G2220 has always had a bridge singlecoil in each position.

  7. Ok, so nothing that hasn’t been talked about on other forums

  8. My dad. He’s played since he was a teenager, and I fell in love with the sound- especially when he played upright. He’s super supportive of my wanting to learn, gave me my first bass and bought my most recent one.

  9. Should have checked at The Herb Cafe in Toronto.

  10. I’m really enjoying Bassbuzz. I’m only a few lessons in but glad I spent the money.

  11. I'm about 1/2 through Bassbuzz's "Beginner to Badass" course, and it has made a huge difference for me. The curriculum is incredibly well-designed.

  12. A second for Bassbuzz. I’m not too far into it, but enjoying it so far. I still plan on going back to an in person teacher at some point, but I enjoy the fact that I’m learning at my own pace.

  13. I met Ryan Reynolds once years ago. Genuinely a nice guy.

  14. My recommendation is to lay hands on a couple and see what feels comfortable. I’m a relative beginner myself and currently own three basses- a Squire P bass, an Ibanez Mikro (technically my kid’s), and a Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet. My personal favourite is the Gretsch because it feels right in my hands. The Squire and Mikro are both fun, but I find that now I want to pick up my bass more because I have one that I enjoy.

  15. I’ve been on it happily since 2016. The only thing I noticed for me is that it is a little dulling to my overall mood. With my doctor’s help I’ve lowered it to 10mgs.

  16. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Holy fuck is it boring.

  17. Volcano is still a nice piece. I have their hand held vape, the Mighty. Absolutely love it.

  18. General Admission, Pure Sunfarms and Graybeard are my favourite.

  19. The Shining. I was 9 and my dad took me to see it in theaters. I noped and walked out of the theater about halfway through.

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