AITA for telling my husband to get over himself when he started berating me for not picking up his brother's son from school?

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. I’m really sorry, but what you’re describing is almost exactly my experience, and it turns out I was sexually abused and assaulted as a child. I hope it isn’t true for you but if I’ve learned anything personally, it’s that my body doesn’t make up trauma responses.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing. Your response almost made me cry, I've just been thinking about this for a while ever since I realized what i could possibly be going through. I am entering a new path in my life and I'm trying hard to take my healing as seriously and responsibly as i can, no quitting this time.

  3. I hate to say it but it does sound like very early childhood sexual abuse that you completely blacked out. I had the exact same things going on. Right down to the recurrent UTIs before I was a teenager.

  4. Thank you I relate to a lot of this. I will be seeking a qualified therapist. Both of my parents were abusive and drug addicted and I've been passed around by CPS to different facilities and family members homes at one point. So the likelihood is high. I won't be speculating on my own.

  5. People are being stupid. Fatphobia is about treating other humans with respect and not discriminating against people who are overweight. You can't bully, harass or discriminate someone based on their health. People on the internet talk about fat people way too much.

  6. YTA from the beginning to end. How sad. Your husband needs a partner and support during these times. Can you not imagine what he's going through? Your nephew is family and his dad is sick, now he knows his dad is potentially going to die AND he's unwanted by you.

  7. most of the time it doesn't matter and everyone is truly being STUPID and crying about nothing. Example: the little mermaid. However I do recognize that a lot of the time companies do this just to stir the pot and get people talking and i think it exploitive, polarizing and damaging. Everytime this happens people find a way to personally blame black people instead of DISNEY- A corrupt and disgusting massive corporation.

  8. I think about how little MY thoughts and opinions typically effect others and realize nothing really matters

  9. I was stuck between Bree or Lynette- Lynette would get shit done and wouldn't cause problems for me, but I ultimately chose Bree because she would most likely know first aid and a bit of homemaking and girl scout camping

  10. I sort of agree. The only difference is if you cut contact with them, you can always change your mind or have hope in the back of your mind that things could change. I estranged myself from my father and he died 3 years afterward. I had to grieve the loss twice, and i still grieve for him in 2 separate ways.

  11. This movie was great but a couple decided to have sex right next to me in the theater so it really ruined the experience lol

  12. Step 1: hire an accountant to fix this mess

  13. No, hitting isn't okay. You are your kids biggest role model, why teach them that hitting is appropriate problem solving? You don't hit your co-workers, you don't hit your partners, you don't hit your friends etc... Why hit little kids that are still learning what's right and wrong? Doesn't make sense. If you need to bat their hand away from a flame or something like that it's different.

  14. Have him high on meth 24/7 and his body deteriorates and he has to keep his job at the car wash forever (before they owned it)

  15. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you say that and there just isn't an account for it yet 🫥

  16. They could never show something like that on ABC especially during that time. I’ve always thought the same thing though. I also think Tom would be completely against it.

  17. Wasn't grey's anatomy also on ABC? And there was the whole story line of Christina choosing to get an abortion around the same time. But i guess that's like a medical show so maybe they'd have more leeway.

  18. Wasn’t Christina’s ectopic though? Unless there was another one I missed.

  19. Yes it turned out to be ectopic, but only after she had discussed abortion and decided she was going to get one

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