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  1. One spot left! 10 team small stakes league, Ppr, single qb 👀 if joining must pay immediately through leaguesafe!

  2. Was in same predicament and went Mahomes. I love his ten year contract and he is an absolute stud every year. Gimme that system personally.

  3. Tough situation, since you say your RBs are crap. Two things to do.

  4. Current rbs, rachaad white, Antonio gibson, rashaad Penny, Melvin, Sony. Wr: kupp, evans, waddle, Sutton, Bateman, MVS n depth pieces

  5. That is pretty bad on the RB side 😂 I think Evans would be a fair value for Swift though. If Swift is who you're trying to get.

  6. Gonna send offer of evans and Melvin for swift I think. Hoping that could get it done.

  7. I want to win so I can further mute and silence Cumpy on all media platformz Faaaawkin pekaz

  8. Jesus, Josh Allen, then whichever of Mahomes or Herbert at three, then probs bpa at 7 or trade back for more picks in rounds 2-6

  9. Need some help… 16th round in a dynasty SF/TEP PPR startup league… Calvin Ridley finally Or Jelani Woods?? Thanks!

  10. Show trades in the draft room chat, condense the chat to just one spot during the draft.

  11. Between now and draft night, Antonio Gibson could literally raise the dead, get crucified, and rise from the grave three days later in the best shape of his life, and I still wouldn’t draft him. I’d be too worried about his crucifixion wounds lingering throughout the season.

  12. I took him back half of the 6th round of my startup last night and I’m fine with that value. Had been going zero rb but couldn’t pass at that spot.

  13. I got a solid plan so far but I’m always afraid of being stuck in an echo chamber of my own biases. Think something like that could help give me a flip side to some choices.

  14. I would never trade out a first round spot in a start up draft.

  15. I still have the 1.04! Now I got 2.04, 2.06, 4.04, 5.07, 5.09, and 6.04, loving having 7 picks in first 6 rounds of a startup

  16. If thats the case yes i would trade off for that.

  17. Knowing that I have those picks… just got offered 23’ 1st and 2nd for the 4.04… You takin that?

  18. How far are you looking to move back? I like moving back 7-9 spots there to pick back to back in the second. Try something like

  19. Dude balked at the 5.08 but countered with the 6.05… you still doin that trade? 1.09 for 2.05 and 6.05?

  20. I’d do it. However this means you are missing out on a top tier QB if that how you like to build you team. If you don’t care about that and like skill players in to start, you get two elites still and get and extra pick in the 6th. Players in that range: Jacob’s, Akers, Carr, jmo, Cooper, Bateman. These are all players going for a 1st+…. Maybe close to 2 for some. I think about it like this: Prescott/pitts for Andrews + carr? Or swift for javonte + akers? These are trades I’m smashing accept.

  21. Yea I already pulled off a trade to acquire the 4th pick so I’ll get that first elite qb. Now I kinda wanna trade back with 9th to build depth at skill positions

  22. Yea I’m torn. I just countered to the 5.08 so we will see what he says.

  23. I’ll prolly wait on this to get on the clock. I just pulled off a masterpiece trade. My 3rd, 7th, $69 faab and 23’ first for his 1.04 and 12th rounder. Flyin high after that

  24. 12 SF Ppr. Send: 2.01 and 2.04 Receive: JK Dobbins. Which side you like?

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