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  1. That’s one of those tattoos you’ll regret in 5 years. Angel wings, dolphin, barbed wired, tribal band…

  2. You’re not understanding. The tickets were sold by Fairfield Little League - it was never mentioned it was pride night! Then an email came out that it was pride and there was a drag show. To your point, isn’t that for a bar? I’m unbalanced? It’s called parenting.

  3. Awful parenting. You don’t even realize how bigoted you are. And you’re going to spread that to your kids.

  4. Appropriateness of people dressing in costume and performing? Do they have one of those mascot characters roaming around shaking hands and launching T shirts into the crowd? Is that offensive to you? Please stay inside and hide from the horrible scary world.

  5. Ballistic missile submarines. There's aren't a lot of competitors in the space.

  6. I put an order in 6 years ago. Customer service is non existent. Buyer beware!

  7. I just saw another post about kangaroos. Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

  8. I’ve had terrible luck with a couple resume writers. I think you’re better off asking a friend to help.

  9. You’re best bet is going north. Not a great year to learn due to lack of snow, but the better the snow the better your experience will be.

  10. Especially after they pulled off Joni and Paul last year, I think there's probably a LOT of new interest.

  11. Kinda expecting the line up to be slightly disappointing this year after last, then be better next year. This is based on absolutely zippo diddly squat. Hope Jimi Hendrix is brought back to reunite with Dylan for anyone lucky enough to get tickets.

  12. First year I've been waitlisted too :-/ I thought I did it as fast as humanly possible too! Seems like they sold out in less than 30 seconds - I'd be curious to see the stats from DICE.

  13. I know you’re getting a lot of well wishes and positive energy. I could just upvote but I want to send whatever positivity your way. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you. There may be more down times ahead, but there very well could be many more good times. Great big rollercoaster of emotion and experiences. No appreciation of light without some darkness. Thank you for posting, it brightened my morning.

  14. I can’t believe a 2019 article from “reason” is getting this much attention here.

  15. I used to dread the "Welcome back to school after a break" days, so much anxiety because it's always the same, I say I just stayed home watching movies, everyone berated me for wasting my life instead of going to the beach! It's so close to us! Just an hour drive wtf...

  16. I live in a wealthy area. A friends neighbor was talking about her spring break. Not college spring break, 6th grade. This kid went to Everest base camp! For 6th grade “spring break” Talk about living in a different world.

  17. I had it done a couple of years ago. I had a small flap which had folded over. My Dr said they probably wouldn’t have operated if it wasn’t folded over. It’s becoming more common to not do surgery at all for minor tears. My knee is definitely better for having it done. I also have bad arthritis but it’s not related to the meniscus. Mostly bad genetics.

  18. I think I also have a flap which causes the popping and sometimes the locking.

  19. Probably not. Again, talk to the surgeon. Typically that popping and locking is more tendon/ ligament movement. Annoying but often not detrimental. It sounds like you need to make a list of concerns and questions to discuss.

  20. I’m most concerned at my wife and I being there this year. I’d almost rather have to camp out the night before tickets go on sale like back in ye merry olden days.

  21. No, had my T tested I'm still in a good range. Thanks!

  22. Congratulations. I’ve been wondering if and when I might need to start which is where my curiosity comes from. Zero judgement for anyone who needs or wants it. Maintaining muscle mass is important. My current Dr was very reluctant to even order a test.

  23. I agree, no judgement. I know a lot of guys that need it. Some younger some older. Good luck!

  24. There are less concussions in Rigby than football, though a bit more broken noses and stuff

  25. Imo: American Football. A man literally had a stroke on the field, head, heart and spine injuries are very common in AMERICAN football

  26. Why the all caps? Who had a stroke? Heart and spine injuries in American football are rare. It’s still very dangerous but at least get it right.

  27. Stew Leonards in Newington has better prices than I thought they would. Also, Trader Joes is a good option too!

  28. Stew Leonard’s is often more expensive than Whole Foods- especially for produce. You need to be an educated consumer in there. Sometimes there are good deals, sometimes it’s just really high. Quality is consistently good though- that’s worth something. Edit: typo. Advisors / educated.

  29. Stew Leonard's is a store that lives and dies by it's loss leaders. Go get the loss leader (usually a premium steak cut or something), then buy everything else at the regular grocery store. Their pantry items and everything else that isn't a loss leader is going to cost far more per unit than at the regular grocery store, and there's usually no selection. Every grocery store does this, but Stews does this to the extreme.

  30. Agree, although after years of stews baked goods being brought into my work, I’m no longer impressed. Usually no problem walking right through there without temptation.

  31. Good mozzarella stick at Brick Alley….

  32. Can’t go wrong with any restaurants from Newport Restaurant group. Perro Saldado for Mexican.

  33. There is already a National team…. Raiders.

  34. Cowboys are Americas team though. Raiders nation only refers to Raiders fans. Go Pats! (Wherever they are).

  35. I moved away from Boston mainly because of the weather. Winters and summers are both way more miserable in the NE

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