This 3rd grade math problem.

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  1. being able to interact with more family (aunts, grandparents, in-laws, etc)

  2. pocket full of materials looks so pretty(,: no matter how many islands i visit, there’s never enough wood or iron or even vines 🥲

  3. would keep it in the family and let the value build first

  4. i can only find oranges and pears when i go out to mystery islands bc oranges are my islands “sister fruit” and pears are my main island fruit

  5. there’s another story just like this and the girl is only 17 and “turning 18 in a couple months” like NOPE

  6. Could maybe do with some more stuff on the walls, or spread it out more to get rid of all the empty space instead of stacking items vertically, but otherwise I think it looks great. None of the furniture needs to be changed at all.

  7. THANK YOU , staring at a room for so long makes me lose the idea i had in my head as i was doing it, so these tips help so much!!

  8. You'd probably get less than 10 daily. The amounts you mentioned are just for the first trip.

  9. true but it still adds up! nice lil happy surprise

  10. They take a while to grow back completely.

  11. yeah i’ve only been getting a few of each everyday, i think only 1 vine a day spawns and a few of the glowing moss but it all still helps and adds up(:

  12. I wish they'd add new seeds/fruit...banana, lemon, grapes and watermelons would be so cool

  13. would love to come if you’re still open! will tip very well too🥺

  14. i close the game and restart until they choose who i want to leave😂

  15. Jeez, all this time I was positive she was a coconut 🤦‍♀️

  16. this comment has me rolling 😭😂😂 i never knew what she was based off but i love the idea of a coconut

  17. shouldve divorced and sued for ruining the marriage then adopted the kid out 😭😂😂

  18. The kid died at 13 from measles lol. Deserve

  19. This is amazing! Sadly I only have Castle Walls catalogued so far so it's pretty hard to plan my layout with just that, hopefully I can eventually make something half as cool as this :D

  20. awh thank you so much!! some of my comments have inspired me to do a giveaway so it may be coming soon… keep an eye out(;

  21. Wow, you are amazing! Love people who put there all into something even if they don't want other people to see it. I love to admire my work alone most times! 👍🏽

  22. edit: item no longer needed, thankful for this community and everyone that’s so helpful! looking for a diy for the ruined decorative pillar if anyone has it 🥺

  23. just saw this Awh thank you so much, someone a few min ago offered me the diy!! i do appreciate you though!

  24. I have extra DIYs if you’re still looking

  25. oh that’d be awesome! would you happen to have the ruined decorative pillar? i have the broken one just not the first one 🥺

  26. I had one. “The man in the cowboy hat”. I use to take my dads camel cigarettes and hand them to “him”. Eventually I stopped and my dad asked me why. I said “he likes a different kind”. Then one day we went to see my dads grandpa (my great grandpa). And on the wall was a photo of a man in a flannel shirt and a cowboy hat. I took the picture to my mom and dad and said “it’s the man, it’s the man!”

  27. i think everyone should read this wholesome creepy and mind blowing experience you had

  28. Don't know if you're still around but I have the broken ruined decorative pillar diy you can have.

  29. Hello! Just restarted my island and wanted to see if anyone could spare a pear, orange, and peach!

  30. i have every fruit if needed still!! message me however you’d like to trade! (whose island were going to)

  31. there were 2-3 different phantoms lmaooo but max was the first

  32. if you can find GMO or a version of garlic cookies, definitely try that out. that strain sets me to sleep

  33. i thought bastard just meant you were fatherless so learning it’s just an illegitimate marriage birth thing… neat!

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