1. Those are gorgeous! Are they actually vintage too?

  2. True words of wisdom from a mental midget. Great. Lol

  3. The nose shading doesn’t help either. The eyes look great.

  4. Yet no one managed to take a photo? Riiiiiightttt

  5. Love it and your kitchen table. Congratulations on a great find.

  6. This is truly the ugliest pic I’ve ever seen of them. Now I see why they photoshop every pic into oblivion. They’re actually hideous.

  7. Imagine how horrific they look up close and personal? Yikes!

  8. No kidding! They look like those old fashioned, red, wax lips from back in the 70’s, ffs! Lol

  9. Back onto the balenciaga pedo train, huh? No surprise. Another few years and she’ll be selling off the kids.

  10. Looks like he’s wearing kongs old juicy sweatsuit. Lol

  11. Stay away from distillate direct, their carts clog up. Try herb approach. They always have carts on for $20-$25.

  12. $6.99 at Goodwill. No maker mark or anything on the base. She has a place of pride in my office!

  13. She’s beautiful! I collect cat figurines for window sill.


  15. It’s like an asshole but only for kong. Lol

  16. It’s what Robert sr felt she really was, a k-hole.

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