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  1. I rewatched the first episode when the couples were first hanging out drinking outside and Daphne was talking about how she watched dateline and how many husband's murder their wives on vacation like by removing their oxygen tank by scuba diving... I think it might give Cameron the idea and he kills Harper. I thought maybe Ethan would but I don't see him being a killer. Maybe Cameron will try to pin it on Ethan. Idk I'm just rambling ideas lol

  2. It's ok because they cried in the end 😂

  3. There was speculation they hooked up on one of the seasons (maybe total madness) and she addressed it on the reunion and said they didn't

  4. I completely agree. I'm sick of teams always working in pairs.

  5. I thought it was terrible in SLA because beyond the first challenge when they formed into teams, the green team always had a massive advantage bc they had more ppl.

  6. How is she not tired of constantly tying her hair in that bun. Why does she never let it down? What is in that hair that she can't show?

  7. She has to be one of the five most boring people ever cast on this show. She brings nothing from a personality side.

  8. The most interesting thing was her fight with Bayleigh on her first season and it was only bc of Bayleigh. I was wondering why she was screaming at an empty bed until Bayleigh's confessional mentioned KayZzzz

  9. I speculated last week that he made it up bc Laurel might have been too intense for him lol

  10. Maybe one of the worst diplomatic/ strategic decisions I have ever seen.

  11. Who do you think is in Nelson's top 4 teams that he's working with?

  12. Top 3 are Jay, Devin, and Fessy. I thought Jordan/Aneesa was #4 but obviously not since he nominated them last episode

  13. Aneesa too lol "it's a game" (until I get personally offended for being nominated)

  14. She did also win that first checkpoint among the girls to replicate the code on the capsule and she did pretty well with the eating (which they won as well). I think she did more than just run like some people were saying.

  15. I feel like if Aneesa was Darrell's partner she'd have walked just as much as Veronica did bc Darrell not gonna yell at his partners.

  16. I want the reunion host to focus on this at some point because we don't get it!

  17. We need maria menounos back to get to the bottom of it. She’s the only reunion host capable

  18. I'll even take Nessa. I remembered the way she gathered up Camila so fast at that one reunion

  19. Devin acts like hes a 10x champ and knows everything. In the beginning of the season I thought about maybe starting to like him but after tonight im back to hating him again. Hes about to get exposed next week!

  20. I recently rewatched double agents and he was great on there! Hilarious, anti big brother, self aware, self deprecating humor, etc. The last two seasons I can barely stand him on my screen. Oh how he has fallen for me.

  21. Has any advantage, except the steal a vote been played yet?

  22. If Jeff asked me a stupid question, I'll just answer I'm ready to vote Jeff

  23. kenny clark is getting 20 confessionals tonight ‼️‼️

  24. If he has a congressional confessional in the first 3 mins he's a goner! Lol

  25. Not DQ - they had COVID during the second quarantine

  26. Well medical DQ (that ended up getting reversed since they got better)

  27. Unpopular opinion, but I don't think this one would be that hard if you have any kind of swimming skill. It was dangerous and looks really bad because neither of them can swim well. Kaleigh can't swim (purged from WotW swim challenge) and I don't think Davonne was a good swimmer either. Put 2 teams in this that are at least mediocre at swimming and I think this is a really good elimination.

  28. This has nothing to do with swimming though. They're being hung upside down (for 45 mins or something) by their ankles and dunked in cold water for chunks of time and then dangling while they're being hit with cold wind while blood rushes to your head. It would have been more tolerable if they were in a warm climate but the cold makes it unbearable. I heard Da'Vonne's recounting of this elimination and she said the wind made it so cold that she tried to stay under the water for as long as possible because it felt warmer to be down there than get hit by that wind. She almost passed out.

  29. Yeah, watch it if you haven’t. Nelly is a smaller dude fighting his heart out, then Fessy takes a handful of sand and throws it in his eyes, closes the visor so Nelly can’t touch his own eyes

  30. Wasn't Nelson's hand injured prior to the elimination too and Fessy kept trying to crush it? I'd love for him to get destroyed in an elimination.

  31. Does anybody know if the cast get injured or need medical attention, do they take some of their medical costs or if their stipend?

  32. I know right? As far as hookups, the show is providing. Do ppl want them to wear go pros while they are under the sheets lmao?

  33. I don’t like same sex teams because it’s biased towards male - male teams

  34. I think it would be women against women and men against men

  35. Natalie deserves a second chance. Wes & Natalie was one of the scariest teams in Double Agents and I really liked them. Natalie on Survivor is a great player and waits for the right time to strike. She is a badass presence on screen and deserves to come back.

  36. It almost feels like it was a dream that she was on the challenge bc of her quick stint/DQ. She's my top choice to come back. She would beast in a final! She was running circles around her competitors on that exile island with no food in her system! 🤯

  37. I think they are similar but Michele definitely has the edge. Better swimmer, better at puzzles. She probably has better endurance.

  38. If this season had a tribunal formed by the top 3 in the daily things would have been so interesting, especially with the rookies do very well in the dailies

  39. Yes SOMETHING so that more ppl try. It's disappointing to hear so many teams didn't try because they didn't want to be in the hot seat...but as the season goes further, everyone will be forced to try.

  40. Exactly. Last place goes into elimination should be a standard feature honestly

  41. It's better for producers too... wasting money building a challenge for nobody to try. Remember the double agents daily with the helicopter and they had to throw their opponents off? Lol

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