1. mf i just googled it, ur the one spreading misinformation 🫵

  2. everything i can find points to this stuff just dying in the US summers, leaving the soil bare and acidic.

  3. sure but 1. that's only the US and 2. that's only part of the US and 3. there is significantly more World outside the US

  4. im against the popular non-native grass lawns, but moss rly ain’t it if it’s not already native to your area, and even then has many cons. speaking on it blanket or even memes with visual representation as just another alternative monoculture is ignorant. Doubly so if you’re acting holier than thou about grass monoculture

  5. nah not with these posts y'all are contributing to global warming

  6. if the pfp is one of the existential robot friends is the opinion still invalid or is it just 2B?

  7. idk if you are unfamiliar with NeiR but it’s actually very emotional existential exploration of the universe from the authors previous works. There is zero subtly about it. And the dread playing is overwhelming. Yoko Taro is a genius for making the big ass maid android the protagonist of Automata. The other robots are clunky chunks of rusty scrap with human emotion.

  8. We call them Rollie pollies, wood lice, or pill bugs. They are distantly related to other crustaceans like lobster.

  9. why wont they make a system where food and water is a basic right but also government forces everyone to have at least some job? Or did i reinvent socialism again?

  10. the only job i can realistically accomplish is nyaa-ing at my house guests.

  11. If you nyaa then you gotta catch small pests around the commune.

  12. people against abortions shame women outside clinics, so like, maybe no one fucking cares about empathizing with them

  13. yea, nah! if they’re not looking at those people that are, themself in the mirror, and are holding society back regardless of any of it; it is not mindless vilification. someone isn’t using critical thought in this scenario, And that’s not myself.

  14. tbh good tiktoks aren’t rare anymore, just from the sheer volume of users it’s not hard to find decent content there these days

  15. more users means more nothing content to sift through, people churning out videos for engagement or to capitalize on them, relying only on an algorithm designed to get you to keep scrolling. TikTok was better when it was younger and smaller, but it was never good unless you already enjoyed near mindlessly scrolling, which a lot of people were and are there already.

  16. Me: "This RPG has a 40 hour main story... yeah, that's too long and I've got stuff to do, gonna pass." Also me: "200 hours in Bloons TD6? How'd that happen? Just gonna black border #ouch and then I'll look into it."

  17. yea i think this post neglects to address how dopamine addicted we all are. there’s a reason why selling a battle pass works. there’s a reason why gatcha games can be successful. as I grow older, i think even with engaging gameplay, narrative driven games have trouble keeping my attention unless I’m “in the mood” but I can pick up 5 games of comp in overwatch without using my brain

  18. The funny thing is gotcha games kind of work dominate. Battle passes do absolutely nothing for me though. I just can't be consistent enough there to be there every single day. Eventually I'm going to get bored and want to play something else for a little while. And then I get to feel bad because I wasted money on rewards I'm not getting because I'm not there.

  19. Couldn’t be me either. gatcha either gives me instant dopamine satisfaction, or it don’t. but i know what I’m doing there like a slot machine in a casino. Some people like seeing EXP bar go up tho. That’s the hit, not unlike a gatcha reward. i guess it has a sense of accomplishment too unlike gatcha which may be even better for the patient dopamine addicted personality. I nearly hard require gorgeous art direction, beautiful music score, but only mildly engaging gameplay for a game to register. im really no different. im just pretentious and stingy.

  20. reddit atheist discourse is one of the most toxic parts of this website I'm ngl, people on here will act like you're a theocrat that wants to personally crucify every lgbtq+ person if you mention you're a Christian

  21. how can you all comprehend ACAB’s meaning, and then say and upvote this stuff. lol.

  22. rodent breeding habits probably make this a nonissue cuz i walked right up to the capybara and he said he wanted me to eat him and not one of his brothers.

  23. How do you get to like "Tumblr" because I don't see any of this stuff on my Tumblr but I want to see typical Tumblr stuff.

  24. How I used it back on the day was like follow 1-2 pages that mostly reblog consistently what you’re looking for. Then follow the blog names you see pop up consistently. It was a good way to have a feed that met my interests.

  25. There is less true story progression in GOW than Elden Ring

  26. The whole world in Elden Ring can change because of how insignificant the story is. It’s awesome from a gameplay mechanic perspective, kind of how some rogue games are randomly generated or different, and is only more immersive because of the budget. But I wouldn’t argue ER contains strong story progression on any metric.

  27. God this video always freaks the shit out of me

  28. its really funny tho bc anecdotes are the only arguments pitbull enablers have. even though pit bulls aren’t inherently evil (they aren’t, it’s a dog), the practical implications of how humans treat and respect the breed should hold value to yourself and others. until we reach that point im gonna keep hammering this home.

  29. In most other cases I’d agree with you. But Yoko Taro created 2B as basically a sex doll bc horny. And the cosplayer in question is an OnlyFans cosplayer.

  30. African wild dogs are neither wolves nor dogs, even though they belong to the Canidae family. In fact, they have their own genus.

  31. These are dogs. Lol. Phylogeny is great and extremely useful, but doesn’t tell a whole picture which is why we use other forms of classification, also. There are many animals more dissimilar to eachother phenotypically, but more closely related phylogenetically speaking. It’s not like this is an example of convergent evolution where your “aKsHuaLlY” provided anything to the conversation. They’re both canids ffs.

  32. Yeah I’m comfortable calling all canids dogs, just like I’m comfortable calling all felids cats. It’s just nice and convenient labeling.

  33. It’s a little more surface level than that for me: like lions, cheetahs? Big kittiiiies. But there’s distinct differences between a ferret, hyena, and house cat despite all being feliforms. But like just LOOK at these things. That’s a mfing dog.

  34. im not saying this isn’t potential a hazard. im tired of people propagating the misinformation that bleach and ammonia make mustard gas bc it’s “XD funny”.

  35. "Oh no! It appears I am not allowed to bring my bleach and ammonia through this gate! Guess I will pour it in here!"

  36. mild respiratory irritation or watery eyes from chloramine gas. it’s not mustard gas.

  37. I do think it’s strange that so many people claim to enjoy, be a fan of, or love media and certain hobbies, but don’t really care to think or delve a little deeper into something they claim to enjoy. Comes off a bit insincere. Not gatekeeping but more like, please come in a little further than the gate threshold.

  38. Not every game is a cash grab. Yes every game has an underlying motive of trying to make money, but you and I both know that's oversimplifying the issue and I don't think I need to explain why.

  39. Predatory Micro-transaction Tactics for cosmetics ≠ Requiring Spending Money to have fun.

  40. Yeahhhhh, plenty of AAA games, especially from Sony, are trying to replicate the same winning formula as TLOU - tbh it’s starting to feel like the MCU, where devs are plying it quite safe. It is one of the biggest points I can resonate with in the Polygon review, though the rest of the review is up for debate until we play the game.

  41. I couldn’t finish the start of TLoU but what I did play was stealthish combat and minor gunplay. And linear. Aside from being heavy on the cutscenes. What makes this similar to TLoU? What else from Sony? Tsushima and Horizon are Ubisoft-esque as hell open world, but that’s not at all like TLoU, and I get the argument that those play it safe. But God of War 4? Shit played like a post Ocarina of Time Zelda game with some “Dodge-Roll” combat.

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