1. He fancies his co-worker...and has either shagged her or is thinking about it. He's a pos either way.

  2. I don't know how long you have been on ADs for but it's definitely not a good idea to quit them cold turkey.

  3. Yeah ok...This is 100% my problem since I'm a control freak. Not having any feeling inside my vagina or from anywhere else in my lady parts is the other 100% part of my 200% problem. So I guess hubby and I will continue to use a little vibrating bullet.

  4. you cannot feel any sensation or just limited sensations such as pain and/or pressure?

  5. Limited sensations. Unless I'm using a vibrator (or the shower head on jet stream!!!) on my clit I can't orgasm through masturbation/fingering alone...unless (!!!) I am half doing a leg lift, I press my knees together and slightly lift my legs up. I have heard these are called coregasms; they apparently feel different to vaginal orgasms but sort of similar to clitoral ones.

  6. I’d be the annoying friend asking you to do your Alan impression. That was just like listening to him.

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