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  1. No, currently enemies could see leon four tiles away when Leon is invisible.

  2. I like all of these ideas, but maybe the explosion radius can be reduced a little since Brock's explosion radius is already large enough.

  3. This is really well made, all of the gears really fit in the brawlers and can help them in various situations, hats off to you.

  4. this makes me really happy to hear! thanks a lot

  5. Poor tick, also great concepts and it's even more impressive that you made one for every brawler, hats off to you.

  6. Ya but I fell asleep in class almost every day of that class. That’s probably just because I don’t sleep at night

  7. For some reason Mr. P used to be considered a sharp shooter as well, and he's definitely worse than Colt.

  8. And spike too, even though with curve ball starpower, there's no reason to aim.

  9. Nevertheless, we both mutually agree that saying a word to a slightly frustrated mom gets us the belt

  10. Here's a simple solution for those people who's is terrorizing the dev team. If you don't like the skin, don't play with it.

  11. I think what he's trying to say is that, the report button is only gonna be used for reporting Players that goes in the corner of the map and do nothing, or in shorter terms throw the game on purpose, not people with... questionable names.

  12. Incase you dont know.. this game is made for kids

  13. That's actually the same idea I had to rework fang first star power since nobody use it anymore

  14. Why does this guy have short arms and a long thin mustache

  15. I dont think this gadget fits griff at all. He doesnt have a lack of damage, so theres no point in this gadget tbh. The thing u do forget is that the chances are up that griff is gonna get nerfed probably, so that it wont be as good obviously.

  16. Yeah Griff might get a nerf, but I hope the don't give him the ash treatment where they didn't nerf him for months and he would just dominate in those bushy maps.

  17. The time would need to be nowhere as long as Shelly’s clay pigeons, that would make the gadget a little broken, something like 2 shots would make it better

  18. True, but two shots would still be able to two shot majority of the tanks in the game, unless that tank has some sort of shield like bull's and Darryl's starpower and Rosa's super, they would get shredded.

  19. This is why I play mostly Duo showdown and not 3v3 modes cuz players would just throw the match and they suffer no consequences from doing that.

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