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[F4M] On This Night and in This Light I Think I’m Falling [Strangers to Lovers] [Raspy] [Rain] [Walking in the Rain] [Cozy] [Getting to Know One Another] [First Kiss] [Relaxing] [Cute] [Dancing] [Love at First Sight] [I Like You] [Atmospheric] [Romantic] [Meet-Cute] [Kissing] [18:16]

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  1. Dani Rojas. “I don’t drink coffee. My mother always says I was born caffeinated.”

  2. I know this thread is old, but I live in West Africa and I want to show this to a bush church and there is no internet. I am looking to download the "Shepherd" Christmas episode, but it doesn't look like it has a download icon anymore. Do you know if they took it away?

  3. Yes unfortunately both of the Christmas episodes are classified as “Extras” which don’t offer the download button. I hope this changes soon and that you will be able to show this to the church!

  4. So in an Australian contemporary play by playwright John Romeril, called The Floating World, drinking birds are a symbolic prop that represents the progression of Les' insanity. In the play, they are referred to as "dippy birds" and are used to symbolize insanity due to Romeril's opinion that they are insane for their uselessness and repeatability. Therefore, I think that the drinking bird symbolizes Ted Lasso's impending feeling of uselessness and dispensability. He is a coach that was brought on to coach a team in a sport that he knows very little about. In the first season, it was clear that he is vital as someone who motivates and stimulates the confidence and hearts of everyone around him through charm and wildly unwavering optimism, despite not knowing much about the sport himself. However, after Ted Lasso brought Roy on to coach and shined brightly in the new position, and when Nate stepped up to give the winning play to close the game, I believe Ted Lasso had started to worry about not just his place on the team, but also where he is in life in terms of his divorce as well (because he also had a panic attack during karaoke). Taking that into account I think that the bird was used to symbolize Ted's impending uneasiness about his lack of purpose, emotional instability, fragility, and value in various aspects of his life. Thus, when he sits with the Doctor to talk during the midpoint of the episode, he adjusts the Drinking Bird to stop moving, symbolizing he is finding stability by taking the first step towards facing his own ghosts.

  5. Wow that's really insightful! Thanks for sharing! Now you've made me want to see this play =D

  6. Ha! No, it’s really more feel-good than anything. The writing is strong, the jokes are clever and full of heart, and it just gets you thinking on the nature of relationships and how we can choose to take down our walls and just do better.

  7. That sounds like the perfect message! Can't wait to watch it then 😊

  8. Luck be in the Arm tonight? (Said someone at a roulette table?) maybe not lmao maybe

  9. Doesn't the synopsis for this movie seem similar to the storyline of S1E2 "TOM" of the Amazon show "Solos"?

  10. Yup. I thought they'd turned the Solos episode into a movie. Even thought for a second that it had been Ali in Solos.

  11. Yup, 40 minutes was too short to explore such a profound premise. I too am looking forward to the movie!

  12. That card will only be generated if you have something filled in in both the Kontraindikation and Wirkstoffname fields.

  13. Thank you so much I was thinking so hard about it haha

  14. In the episode where they would choose an answer and open a soda can not knowing if it was pre-shaken or not - it was simply called Big Hill Residue

  15. Hey thanks for this! Love the realistic, calm and casual vibe.

  16. Thanks for the feedback. I’m still very new to the recording and editing process, so I hope you all can forgive any slip ups I may make!

  17. It's all good! I was still able to really enjoy it! I'd like to support you in any way I can, so you can write to me on chat if you'd want me to help out a little with your recording setup.

  18. Oh my lanta, this is beautiful - thank you so much for this! The hardest part is crashing back into reality. I really love these kind of longer audios that you do!

  19. Link with a beard, no glasses and his hair like this looks really good!

  20. Whaaaat that’s a crazy good detail!

  21. When he stops it. This scene is from him returning to start again after his outburst

  22. I'm interested to see if the AI can capture all the ranges of emotions they can go through.

  23. Did you guys hear any narration from Jeff Daniels as Apple advertised? I watched on BBC One last night and I can’t recall any - it was all interviews.

  24. I'm watching in Germany on Apple TV+ and I'm almost done right now. And I heard Jeff's voice only at the beginning so far.

  25. Oh boy am I glad that they resurrected Rusty and Larnold - they are easily one of my most favorite Rhett & Link characters! I'm grinning from ear to ear cause of their extreme redneckness

  26. Nope.I expected it would be the woman singing in the actual episode.So... IMDB told me that the "singing woman" is Chelsea Russell. No bio.A few minutes later, I found this:

  27. Thanks for checking it out! But I believe the credit is for the actor in E1 of S2 who sings "Ruby Tuesday" in the town (I don't remember what the place is called). Her voice sounds different to the one singing "Ruby Tuesday" in the trailer tho.

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