does anyone else stay awake at night because they feel if they go to sleep they lose out on their free time?

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  1. Killswitch would of been a great name for a steam deck since it's biggest competitor for a handheld device is the switch

  2. I was enjoying being in a moody mood but this made me break character lol

  3. Preset settings for the in-game settings (some games do this already when they recognize the deck) as well as presets for battery saving as well would be very appreciated. But I guess by the amount of games there are this will be in developer's hand to do. Maybe we get a plugin someday with a database behind it like for the controller settings.

  4. Well what about a user based star rating so you could chose the highest rated setting?

  5. Has anyone tried emulating saints row 2 on xbox 360 on the deck?

  6. Since when does tiktok do widescreen/horizontal videos like that?

  7. Some vehicles have 2 pumps, one for rear and one for front, others have a valve that directs the flow the the appropriate end.

  8. I got the dacia sandero stepway (2013). The issue with changing the pump myself is that there's two locations it could be. One under the wheel which means I'll need to Jack the car and remove the wheel and plastic cover or the other place would be at the top of the bonnet which will need different tools. The garage wants £70+ to fix it but the pump costs just over £5 so trying to save some money

  9. This is the only thing that's keeping me from being 100% certain on getting the deck. My gaming laptop has a huge screen and a better graphics card too buuuuut the steam deck is even more mobile

  10. you can't. no remoteplay client for ps4 for xbox, use a pc and remote play or chiaki.

  11. Ah thanks. Thought there would be a long arse way around it like remote play on my phone but cast it to an xbox. In that case I'll either hook up my laptop to the TV or just bring my ps4 over

  12. That's why I tried doing the polyphasic sleep since I could sleep at work sneakily but then work got hectic so couldn't sleep there so I slept for two hours after work with my newborn son and two more hours at night so I could catch up with stuff like gaming etc but now I'm sleeping for two to three hours a night and for a 33 year old...that's not enough but what I'm used to now

  13. The driver has priority over the aux cord/Bluetooth. Only time you get to dj, is if the driver passes it.

  14. Are you Filipino by any chance? From my experience, only Filipinos say “air con” lmao.

  15. Nah I'm Lithuanian living in England. What do people call it usually?

  16. Last I saw her, she had four kids with 5 different dads and just sleeping around

  17. When a lesbian says she can make a woman c*m faster and better than me...I never claimed I'm good :/

  18. My girlfriend has two kids (7year old and 5 years old) and I have my son (3 years old) every other week and it's not bad but different parenting styles is the biggest hurdle

  19. I'm not posting links, cos I do not want to fall afoul of miscellaneous rules, but if you look online there are sites which house rooms for the various consoles which have passed or are passing, I've had no issues getting digital versions of my psp umd collection.

  20. Yeah I know it can handle more than just two emulators but I don't want to fill up an sd card full of roms that I won't play since I'm more of a one game at a time guy. I got a ps3 and a ps4 which I'll be able to remote play with but sadly you can't remote play on xbox 360 and xbox one games unless they're on xbox game pass which most of my library of games aren't on so I'll have to flip flop between steam deck whilst out/tv being used and when noone is using the TV, I can play xbox. Also have a vr with games on too

  21. Mostly I'm gonna be emulating my psp and mega drive collection, so size isn't really an issue.

  22. I only want gamecube for metal gear solid twin snakes, all the psp games that I want have better graphics on ps2 like god of war games, ps vita I don't know how that will run since it had the touch screen and the touch pad at the back and it has a very small handful of games that interest me. I play games mainly for the story and alot of ps1 games have been remastered for later consoles hence I don't really care about older games

  23. Animal Crossing on Switch has a super low framerate and is unplayable as a result, unfortunately. The only Switch game that I've tried that plays well so far is Metroid Dread.

  24. Really? Any footage I've seen on the switch seemed decent though

  25. Maybe there's been an update or something since I last tried it (or maybe people are using a different version of yuzu or something, since Windows drivers are out now).

  26. I guess I'll just have to try it out myself when I get my steam deck. Thank you

  27. It didn't for me but I was in love with her. But in 14 years, she cheated on me 15 times that I'm aware of

  28. I'm so depressed that even viagra didn't work. Like it just goes down half way through sex which fucks my head up even more that I took the whole pack at once and still nothing. Nowadays naturally its a 50/50 chance but I'm so depressed that my sex drive is barely existent

  29. I always make the same joke about my dick. It's not small or big but medium...it talks to ghosts

  30. I once tried walking away from my ex because she was shouting at me for her cheating and she started punching my head and face (we both was coming from a pub so relatively drunk). After a few hits I got annoyed at being hit and pushed on her shoulders away from me but because she was wearing hills, she stumbled back and fell on her bum and started crying. I picked her back to her feet and we spoke and we patched things up but I still feel super guilty after ten years

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