Every year, I make a birthday pie for my dad, illustrating one of his crazy childhood stories. Here's this year's design, along with my dad's narration =)

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  1. Im paying 1 for one lime right now and there are hundreds of citrus farms here. Used to be 10 for a dollar. I bought non organic onions for 1.25 each and they were TINY. For large organic locally grown, honestly 2 bucks is the standard right now. I have a set "big" grocery essential list ive had for years. I buy it 1x each month (then do mini trips 1 or 2x a week) and it used to be around or under 175 for years. This last week we did it after returning to our usa house. Grabbed the exact same things we always have, exact brands (except if another of similar quality had a sale) it was 435 dollars and the recipt said we saved 75 dollars from sale items!!!! 6 rolls of bounty paper towels used to be 9 dollars. Now? TWENTY fricking EIGHT goddamned dollars for the same thing!! Id rather give my 2 bucks to a local farmer than factory farms that exploit undocumented immigrants

  2. Would you feel comfortable saying what area you live in, out of curiosity?

  3. I live between miami and san juan in the usa. But will likely cut miami out if the rotation due to the prices of things. Even in medellin the prices of things doubled.

  4. I live in Central NY in an area not quite as large as Buffalo. Prices have definitely increased but $28 for paper towels, god damn. I notice it the most in diapers. I had my son right before Covid “hit” in early 2020 and it seems they are 2x as expensive. Sigh.

  5. “Y’all ready to get in the pool?” -Corey Simms IYKYK

  6. With love, y’all are both in a hard season right now. Also, after having my first child I highly value any smart appliance/Alexa routine or even if there’s a delay setting on the dishwasher.

  7. Omg. I admire you so deeply. Wishing you the best of luck

  8. My MIL says things like this too, I just blow her off until she will eventually take it too far. Your child sounds absolutely lovely, fun, intelligent and right on track no matter what gender he is. And most of all, you’re a fabulous parent keep up the great work ♥️

  9. Yeah, they're the people who told me they won't fix rust, except by replacing the whole panel. The rust is not bad enough to justify that much expense. Of course if I leave it for a few years it will be 🤪

  10. On that same street there is a handful of qualified places but I can only think of Gerber

  11. This is quite possibly the least flattering thing I’ve ever seen

  12. Hi! I hope my comment gets to you because I had/have a very similar experience at right around the 18m mark. Please know I’m no expert, just a SAHM who’s been through the process - I’m only a DM away always ♥️

  13. In science you don’t prove, you disprove. Therefore you wouldn’t prove that god doesn’t exist, you would show evidence that disproves him existing.

  14. That is so effing rude of anyone to say/insinuate and I hope they see this part 2 post and feel like shit. There is not enough parenting in the world to keep curious toddlers away from stairs. Sending you a Reddit hug ♥️

  15. Unless those leggings are maternity and meant to hold up a bumb (which I doubt because doesn’t she wear them all year round) it can’t be comfortable wearing non maternity leggings on a big belly like that. I had to stop wearing non maternity items a few months in, but I probably weigh 2-2.5 hilarias.

  16. For marijuana/thc to cross over to a fetus during pregnancy means she was smoking/vaping/using whatever a lot a lot a lot.

  17. Oh yes! But it said he tested positive at birth so I assumed he didn’t make it that far yet but obv I could be wrong

  18. Try a balance bike. Her is called striders. She learned faster then my 6yr. The oldest did at 4 so the young one need to top it.

  19. My son is almost 2.5 and loves his strider! He has made so much progress since starting using it this spring, we’re hoping next year he can graduate to pedals like your daughter! Great job to you both, fellow SAHP here ♥️

  20. Update(ish): thank you everyone so much for your time, talent and hard work. All of these are so beautiful and different from each other. I plan to choose a handful & submit payments in the next 24-48 hours. I’m sorry for the delay, thank you for your patience.

  21. Hi! This is a picture of my son and his grandma, my mom’s wife. I’m looking to have the background changed to something more pleasing so I could gift it to her. I know that’s not specific but she would value your creativity. I’m 100% willing to tip and greatly value your time and talent.

  22. Toddler time at get air, music class, soccer class, play spaces for kids, the zoo

  23. Getting cream and tan/brown throw pillows and blankets to match the rug.

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