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  1. Used to be a step 4... Been back in step one for two years now.... Ugh... Very depressing. I just can't seem to find my way back.

  2. I just failed the CCSP on Wednesday. I felt the same way. A good portion of the questions were NOT in the official ISC study materials. I somehow feel that ISC does it on purpose to get more $ out of you. The next day I got an advertisement for official online training from ISC. LAME.

  3. Yep I just failed this exam today... I can attest that the ISC2 study material does not cover what's required for the questions in the exam...

  4. Im Starting 9/1 as well! Transfered in 50.83 percent of the program. Very excited to begin! I'm hoping to complete my program in on semester as it's only 14 classes.

  5. I would like a link to the cage

  6. Spent a decent amount of time in those buildings many many years ago. Such amazing graffiti inside from the floor all the way up to the top!

  7. Has there been any solution to this yet?

  8. Hair grew fast in 4 months...

  9. Why WSL 1? How can I check what version I'm running?

  10. Wsl --list --verbose from powershell

  11. What type of bedding is that?

  12. Looks nearly identical to my little guy!

  13. I would begin with taking the IT Fundamentals cert before going into the A+ if you have no prior experience. The IT Fundamentals cert exam is for people wanting to get into IT to see if it's really for them and also to expose the tester to the various fields in IT so you can kind of see what it is that you like or dislike .

  14. Macbook Pro. It has all the tools I need to get to my servers natively. And I'm a hybrid of Linux Sysadmin and bad Network Engineer. So most of my work is done in the shell away from my machine anyway.

  15. With iot... Toasters will surely soon have ssh... It's not everyday I see someones wish come true...

  16. As long as it's got ethernet, bluetooth, and hdmi outs I can make it work... probably not ideal, but fuck it, we'll do it live.

  17. You may have also describe an overclocked raspberry pi 4 without heat sinks and a fan... emulating Dreamcast games lol

  18. Iv been here, I could see in 360 degrees too. Its so hard to explain. I could see in all directions. hurts my brain just thinking about it now

  19. Seeing interactively in 360 is reality shattering... Forever...

  20. Okay, I've pretty much alienated everyone I know so I guess step one is complete.

  21. Lol I've done the same... It's crazy but it seems to be working quite well

  22. How cool would that be??!???

  23. What's strange is that I'm almost positive the moment you leave you are immediately reintroduced. Death is like a respawn or reboot. You my be respawned into random places of your life during 'forks in the road' type situations as well.

  24. My favourite thought is when you are going to the light, that is you being reborn as a child.

  25. That's exactly my view. And somewhat experience from very high doses. Although on occasion, between death and birth there might or might not be an intervention with the source.

  26. throws the ram in the microwave SCATTER

  27. Throws cat in the microwave SCATTER

  28. I picture these floating through space in the Future.

  29. Its meant to represent a disk.. specifically a hard disk. But most people don't know what a hard drive looks like. And the ones that do would say that the floppy disk icon is close enough... Lol

  30. Soon as spring semester is over I'm hitting the ground running on the A+ and then N+! If there's enough time left of summer break I'm going to try to do the LPI Linux essentials.

  31. I dunno... I was born in 1985 and I was doing this level of misdirection almost 10 years ago "hauling sand". It's not a new concept. but it's an effective concept that it takes the right mind and the right time to implement it. I'd say this idea is a perfect implementation of that...

  32. I'm a star, you can gaze, I'm an artist in flames, I'm smart and deranged, So my marbles became carved into marvelous thangs.

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