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  1. Some of the greatest concentration of Russian fortifications are in the region north of melitopol. Won’t be an easy area to liberate.

  2. They problem for russia is the geographic position they have to defend, which is precarious asf.

  3. Lets just be straight on this: that facade of annoucement was made only to give the impression for the troops and population that they hold some form of control about the state of the war: if i can do ceasefires, it means that i can dictate how the war goes and therefore, everything is under control. The idiots who will suffer my lie will be substantially less than the ones who will shallow it.

  4. Absolutely loving the piece, i needed this type of content since forever.

  5. Their obssesion with the letter Z is so on pair with someone with collective mental sickness, as if they were trying to impose a status or state of life/mind subconciously based on a fucking single letter. Which js both a really childlike attitude AND something taken out of a fucking distopia.

  6. Dont ask me why, but i have a feeling that the number on troops casualties is going to get bigger in not that long.

  7. Blablabla nazis in the building blablabla whatabout crimean bridge (as if the two were comparable) blablabla it was a military objective.

  8. Jesus christ, if these guys had half the skill to find civilians refugees at finding himars, they would have some chance of winning this war

  9. No amount of feet can make up for vehicles losses while your enemy is getting theirs from the most powerfull alliance in history

  10. ( sorry if there are any mistakes, english is not my first language and im writing this on mobile, and my fingers are getting tired)

  11. Why are they trying if the artillery at the other side is still up, why on earth would you try something like that??

  12. Considering its current condition, i wouldnt say its rare, more like " very rare"

  13. Dude, at this point this is not even funny anymore, what are the russians doing with their lifes?

  14. I mean, it is pretty funny, but this was supposed to be a war, is like, "russia, atleast try to do war stuff, it was supossed to be the ONE thing you are good at"

  15. Temporary: it is said of the space of time comprehended between the "now" and "forever"

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