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'Konosuba' Season 3 Announced

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[Spoiler Discussion] Arc 7 Chapter 59 B

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  1. Ngl, Ootsuka delivered hard on this cover illustration, we got sexy haired down Priscilla with a stellar new outfit, Cloaked Emilia looking beautiful as per usual and Madeline with her distinctive dragon eyes and petite stature.

  2. but that was mentioned in arc 6 wasn't it?

  3. I read the wn and it was in it as well

  4. So people who don't know, there are a lot of lore bits we got from this 19 page SS.

  5. You know, I find it tragically strange that Hoshin was once dear friends with the Witches (Satella and Echidna), Farsale, Reid, Flugel and presumably Shaula, only to end up never being mentioned in name by either of them 400 years later and to then set traps to kill witches (eg. Priestella being built to trap and drown Typhoon). I wonder what happened that went so wrong for all of this transpire?

  6. Any re: zero fan ? Because regulus would probably agree and would say it's a violation of his rights

  7. I am patiently waiting for S3 to be announced, so that I can bask in the excitement and hype people will have for it, knowing full well as a source reader that [Re:Zero Spoilers]

  8. Oh she will alright, she will become the Scorpion Yoko Littner for others.

  9. There is a fine line between cursed and blursed, and this ‘wonderful’ fan-art here is the very epitome of it.

  10. I can imagine Beatrice trying to find somebody who loves for who she is. Every time she find somebody who she sees potential in become “that person”, she puts on a facade, pretends to be cute girl around them and as soon as she starts revealing her true self, if they are disgusted she just turns them into a butterfly and keeps them imprisoned as some way to repay for the pain that they caused to her.

  11. What a jolly good idea, now it’s time to make a fan-fic about this and as well perhaps commission a ‘fan-art’ for it from the one and only Gear.

  12. If there is a manga that has a better trash talker than All For One please let me know. I'm still reeling from that jobber comment last chapter. I can't believe there exists a villain this intelligent, powerful, and playfully mischievous with his word choice.

  13. It’s not a manga, but Re:Zero has this character called [Re:Zero Spoilers]

  14. Well for what it’s worth, Re:Zero has an upcoming special livestream and panel at the MF BUNKO J Summer School Festival, which had S1 and two OVAs announced there before, so perhaps if the Kadokawa gods are feeling giddy, an anime-related announcement might actually be closer than we think.

  15. guessing Heroic tale from zero with some added elements and one serious OVA if they keep season 2 s pattern.

  16. Yh let’s hope for the best bro. I am 100% certain that there will be new anime-related content for Re:Zero announced sooner or later, as it’s just a matter of when and how much love will be put into it production-wise.

  17. yep,hope for the best. they have been hiring more people, but i think S3 would benefit from them doing the whole studio collab thing like in s1 for better production.

  18. I believe it’s plausible since S3 will be really battle-heavy, so I have a hunch that a lot of freelance animators will be hired for this probable huge anime project.

  19. Ngl, this is my favourite Taritta character design, since it’s unique and she really is rocking that purple suit and black bow tie like some 1980’s Disco Hunter Gal.

  20. If it’s an OVA, I believe it would be about the GreedIF route, as there’s already a light novel for it and it would of course be ‘fun’ seeing a yandere short-haired Emilia on screen wouldn’t you agree?

  21. Reading your comment and then looking at your profile picture, made me appreciate your ‘enthusiasm’ more lol.

  22. First we get the news that Re:Zero will be having an official panel and special livestream in MF Bunko J’s Summer Festival event and now the Re:Zero Radio suddenly comes back from a long absence. I am telling you folks, something surely is in the works for the Re:Zero anime, and if not, then I guess you can simply discard this comment of mine and overlook me having a very extravagant overdose from some bona-fide hopium.

  23. By the way the mf bunko j festival in july will have a re:zero stream!

  24. Here’s to some hopium of there being a plausible OVA or maybe a Re:Zero S3 announcement during the special July stream.

  25. It was my initial first impression but after comparing it to the other volume covers and looking more into it, I found that I liked this volume cover more than the other current Arc 7 LN volume covers.

  26. Everyone is free to have their own taste in anime, as there is essentially no wrong answer. However, personally I strongly disagree with your mid-tier placement of Re:Zero, Assassination Classroom, Mob Psycho, Hyouka, and Oregairu being below anime you placed above it, such as God of HighSchool, Black Clover, Higehiro, The Way of the Househusband, and Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? to be of subjectively poor shit taste.

  27. Ngl, if I never read the side story about Todd and Katya, my first impression of her would have been an handicapped badass lady. It’s sad tho, knowing how Todd is emotionally manipulating Katya and she can’t even fight back.

  28. Well I'd love for the Emilia camp to take Katya with them to Lugunica, where she won't be treated like trash for being disabled. The further from her asshole family and fiance the better, I guess.)

  29. A hopeful future that I wish becomes canon for Katya, but alas, knowing Tappei, I have nothing but pity and sadness for her character.

  30. I can't speak to the word count issue, but as for the other this most recent WN chapter doesn't need to be the end of Volume 30. Back when Tappei last did A and B chapters in Arc 4, he generally released all the A chapters before the B chapters in the Web Novel but then alternated them in the LN. So if that happens again, which seems pretty likely to me at least, then Subaru's meeting with Cecilus might be the actual end of the novel.

  31. We are getting a new chapter soon, check Tappei’s Twitter.

  32. The one above might be Schult. Then the person below is most likely Heinkel. It might be Balleroy as well.

  33. A silhouette cover being official out doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t get more chapters for this volume imo. Also, the recent WN chapter did not feel like a cliffhanger at all and I feel that there’s enough word count left for one or more chapters to conclude this volume.

  34. Looks like Emilia’s VA will finally get the ‘wonderful’ opportunity to fulfil her inner secret ‘desire’.

  35. Cursed plot-twist: [Spoiler Discussion]

  36. Your wish is my command OP: Cursed Plot-Twist Continuation:

  37. I haven’t done this in a long time but reporting for duty!

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