1. The white shirt and his biceps... He's so hot.

  2. ily jeremy strong but i am hoping bob odenkirk wins

  3. For real, Jeremy already has one and the chance of him winning this category again for the next season is so huge. Bob never won and I really want to see him win one.

  4. I love Succession but Braun is definitely not better than all of these 4.

  5. Whoever nominated NicBraun over Michael Mando/Tony Dalton/Patrick Fabian for this category was definitely on crack.

  6. I wondered about that too, like there aren’t any other female characters in a bigger role than her so…

  7. I think the decision was made solely based on her chance to win in the category. Had they nominated her for Oustanding Lead Actress, she would face Laura Linney, and the chance might be smaller than putting her in the Oustanding Supporting Actress category. Other than that, I don't think there are any reasons for not submitting Rhea for the lead category. Hopefully, she will win this one, she deserves it.

  8. How does jimmy explain to Kim why he chickened out of it? This has to strain their relationship right?

  9. I'm sure she knows that Jimmy didn't chicken out and only did that to "save" her. He thought it was better for Kim to be outside and kill those people (or she could be not doing all those things and asked for help), rather than left her alone with Lalo after he saw how brutally Lalo killed Howard.

  10. That final shot of Howard being laid to rest next to his murderer was so heartbreaking. Man doesn't even get a good resting place.

  11. He doesn't deserve to be buried in the same place as Lalo. Poor him.

  12. Hi, could you please send me the spoilers too? Thanks!

  13. So Wendy is now claiming it was all Marty’s idea when we know she was totally complicit? She’s the worst out of all the bad people in this show.

  14. Yep, she's always been the biggest B.

  15. At first, I ran to lose some weight, but these days, I need or even have to run to take my mind off from stressing things. Run makes me feel alive.

  16. you look so great with this new haircut! suits you better

  17. so my comment is kinda wrong so gonna add this one (from the vault)

  18. it's in "Speak now album" that have mv and a bit rock also underrated??

  19. Did anyone else cry during Kendall-Logan's dinner talk? God, I pity Ken so bad, he's on the verge of offing himself. I really hope he won't.

  20. I almost did. You could see the futile anger and despair on his face when his father changed his mind yet again about letting him out of the company. It was just so sad.

  21. I don't think he's ever been happy throughout this season, even his birthday party might be the worst day ever for him.


  23. I'm fucking having so much blast when he got busted.

  24. Logan having his grandchild eat the food that may or may not be poisoned is an absolute power move of the biggest order. Goddamn.

  25. And it proves how evil and shitty person he is.

  26. Such a shame you know that the kids willing to go that far (I'm talking about you, motherfucker Romulus) just to please Logan.

  27. I've never hated Roman more than how he acts in this episode. He's such a prick, and I'm really looking forward for his breakdown when Logan no longer needs him and dumps that motherfucker.

  28. Let me guess? You’re a man? Because it’s super fucking weird to track your wife’s cycle without even talking to her about even the possibility of having a baby first

  29. They are no ordinary couple, they would never have the talk. And beside, Shiv holds more power in the relationship. Tom was just pitching an idea, Shiv won't even let him hump her, let alone impregnate her. I think the point they made Tom that way to show how desperate he is to stay in this family.

  30. For real. I'm starting to think that this season is another season where Logan takes the big W, and Kendall as usual, gets fucked, for countless times.

  31. Kendall is the dumbest motherfucker and he thinks he's really smart.

  32. Fucking doofus. He fires Lisa rightaway because he doesn't want to acknowledge that he indeed is a stupid cocky moron. Another Ls for being Team Kendall lol.

  33. I thought they would fuck but they didn't 💔

  34. “There’s a heart on your sleeve, I’ll take it when I leave” eee! What a cute song, I can’t believe this was the first time they wrote together right? I can see why they went with Everything Has Changed tho!

  35. this immediately transported me back to ed’s + days and i felt like i was in eighth grade all over again. not that i don’t like his other albums, but + will forever be one of my all time favourite albums.

  36. Yeah! X and + are my faves. So sad that I can't enjoy his songs anymore since he switched the genre, totally miss his old music.

  37. While I loved Taylor being “Her later on” , I would have loved to see Sophie Turner be aged Sadie Sink.

  38. All Too Well 10 Minute Version (soon to be)

  39. Cathy Yan did a wonderful job! It's a crime if 3x03 didn't win an Emmy.

  40. roman makes fun of kendall to shiv and to kendall's face, but would never throw him under the bus simply for PR – while calling him a junkie might be the best strategic move roman would never do it himself, he was the one picking kendall up from the meth den. it's kind of like logan vs. ewan, they don't air (meretricious!) dirty laundry

  41. To adds up, his first concern was that the letter could be out forever. That line alone shows how much he cares about Ken, and he definitely cares about his nephews too.

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