1. If it's really true that he's taken steriods... me personally, I just wouldn't be proud if after roiding up I looked this way

  2. He looks like shit. He must have really bad genetics. Gut, moobs and lack of muscles. Not the hallmark of a steroid taking gym goer.

  3. What kind of fat fuck flexes with their shirt on?

  4. Whooooooh, as his dearly departed mother I can indeed confirm that he is an asshole.

  5. With a mother like you, it's no wonder Dan turned out the way he did!!!

  6. Yeah in the thread he made he's proudly simping over a girl in her early twenties and he's not far off 50. It's quite sad really to see simps in action.

  7. In fairness, she doesn't look like she's in her early twenties

  8. The new Afnan 9pm batches suck. They're so weak (I have two bottles)

  9. I'm wondering the same too! Truss rod on the '61 looks annoying but I'd rather have the one with the best tone

  10. Why would anyone want to create something that smells like Dylan Blue 🤮

  11. Dylan Blue is pretty good compared to e.g. Bl*u de Ch*nel

  12. Are you joking? I returned Dylan Blue, even when I got 100ml for £33. It was awful. Kind of reminded me of Nautica Voyage. BDC is very nice and smells so much classier

  13. If I was given Nautica Voyage in a €10,000 bottle I still wouldn't wear it.

  14. Dan is often seen in the bars of Tenerife performing with Black Lace. They were paying him in alcohol, but then they realised that was costing far too much, even though a pint costs €1.

  15. Just watched part 2. The inclusion of the lizard man gives away the fact that he is behind "The Decant" videos

  16. Look at the three weirdos with the glasses on. What's up with all the silly glasses lately? 😆

  17. He comes on here sometimes and posts messages so maybe he'll tell you. It looks utterly ridiculous, but then again if you've ever seen any of his live streams, then you'll understand that the stupid shades are fitting for his stupid childish streams.

  18. I prefer designer fragrances. I can appreciate niche fragrances for their artistry, but designer fragrances usually smell better.

  19. I test fragrances out all the time. I can get through 50ml of a fragrance in 3 months, whilst wearing other fragrances. I did this with missoni wave and D&G Light Blue Forever last summer.

  20. Interesting! Do you keep a high amount of bottles on hand or do you just get more when you run out of the ones you have?

  21. That looks too American for you Dan, although you do set your live streams up for American viewers.

  22. Would you rather see your son shacked up with Eau de Margie or Erica Noire?

  23. I want that Khamra! But for the exact reason that it has been pushed hard by these YouTube channels. Lol

  24. Well what’s fucked is that Kismet Angel is just Lattafa releasing another Angel’s Share clone under a different house name.

  25. Yes, I really don't get that! A lot of the Maison Alhambra fragrances are more expensive than the Lattafa line, but then other times it's the other way around. So I'm not quite sure why they've done two brands and how they are trying to differentiate them.

  26. His Whiskey Creeper impression was on the money!

  27. Lololol. You guys can dish it but not take it. We laughing hard at you!

  28. Have you remembered which account you are logged in with Dan? 😜

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