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  1. There’s a whole genre of stand up for this with people like Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg.

  2. Grand blue, daily lives of highschool boys, gokushufudou, Akiba maid sensou, Tanaka kun wa itsumo kedaruge, blend s

  3. Even worse, I didn’t realize the USA was such a war zone that such merits could be acquired

  4. Grand blue is hilarious. Campfire cooking is still ongoing and it’s pretty enjoyable.

  5. The fact that there are fentanyl overdoses tells you there is clearly a market for it. Legalizing recreational drugs won’t make people suddenly stop using it entirely, the market for it will continue to exist as long as it’s made and sold.

  6. Fentanyl is being found in cocaine and lsd and literally every other ‘illegal drug’, those people weren’t even trying to do heroin let alone having preferential choice for fentanyl

  7. If you want to cook dried beans, you need a pressure cooker. A long soak isn’t enough here.

  8. Just add an hour to the cook time, I don’t presoak beans.

  9. The difference between broth and stock is that broth does not use bones. It’s literally the only difference.

  10. Assuming you’re not actually smoking, probably some mix of like sage, rosemary, and some various mint leaves might be nice

  11. You know, if you add ham it's actually pretty close to a British Carbonarra.

  12. And if a my mother had a the wheels she would be a bicycle

  13. They’re just south of the McDonald’s on alameda and broadway

  14. It’s just a sock…but I noticed something strange…getting harder to explain

  15. Damn, sorry to hear that. I''m really hoping that isnt the case for me.

  16. I lost my sense of taste and smell for like 6 months, until I got vaccinated(which i did asap, but wasn’t eligible for that long). My senses started returning during the time period they asked you to wait around after the first dose in case you had an adverse reaction to it. Ymmv

  17. A hotel’s a telly, cell phone’s a celly, jealous is jelly. A food box is your belly.

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