1. I have never heard about this but I also commute 3 hours and am broke because of it too. I hope someone has some info about it.

  2. You better fill the form!!! Let's do this!!

  3. Do your parents live within 30km of the school?

  4. hopefully, it was super fast. I was shock

  5. The usual batch of questions like 'do you work well with others' 'do you work well under pressure/time constraints' 'can you add 2+2?" 'how available are you for shift work?' 'can you lift 40llbs?' 'do you have any preferences on shifts?' (that's a trick question, they don't give a shit).

  6. update: i think i got the job? it was basically like you said, a batch of questions. They told me to come training on monday and orientation on tuesday, i’m not even sure if i’m going to get paid? interview was fast, you think i got the job?

  7. hey, any update? i have the same thing today at my interview. I just want to ask they told me to come to orientation next week, am i hired? they said they will test me out with the plus code test, but i’m not sure how it works. can anyone let me how the process work at nofrills?

  8. Mine says the exact same thing since August 1. Have you tried reaching financial aid? I was told to wait…

  9. i did. i have just received an email saying to wait since they make an effort to review documents before September hits, hopefully.

  10. I failed the MHF4U culminating task with a 30% (lol) and still passed the course.

  11. me with a 30 in task too. i just gotta pass the final exam, bless my soul.

  12. Nah, you should be fine, if you put in your two weeks, you're good

  13. Exit interviews aren’t done in person anymore. If you want to do it login into workday and complete it there.

  14. I tried to click the link but it won’t work. Been disabled

  15. I'm confused. Can you clarify what you mean? Osap IS a student loan (minus any grant portions) so if that's what you mean then yes you definitely will have to pay Osap back.....

  16. I know that osap is a student loan, but I got a deposit that said “student loan”. Usually OSAP would put there name on it, but this deposit didn’t stated that. When I checked my OSAP account it didn’t say they send it either, so i’m confused too.

  17. oh woah, i didn’t know we even had a vacation pay

  18. Call the store and get ahold of the Personnel Manager (if they’re not in, an Assistant Manager works as well).

  19. Maybe a second interview? I think you should call them.

  20. If they are asking for proof of academic progress just upload a screenshot of your online transcript. If they are asking for acknowledgment of probation you need to call Sheridan fa and find out if they put you on probation then call ryerson if it wasn’t Sheridan. I highly suggest calling and not emailing as email will take forever to sort this out.

  21. Yeah, I forgot to inform them that I withdrawn from Sheridan. Do I have to call OSAP and let them know?

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