1. As a CSS I noticed how fast things got dirty and how little time we had to clean. As a CSTL holy shit the stores are nasty. Anywhere a customer does not see is 2 steps below what it should be. In a high volume store our floor also gets destroyed every day. There will be little black marks that are all over fresh departments. (We do a spot mop every hour) the bathrooms don't get the deep clean they need so the overall quality of cleaning drops.

  2. Thought they cleaned the bathrooms more often (well, they do clean more then my old job)

  3. Your SM will be notified of your transfer request. Best bet is to talk to them. They could block your transfer or make it more difficult. I would just have a general chat and state it as wanting to change scenery or something not complicated. Then go onto passport and put in transfer request for whatever stores you want. Then go to said stores and introduce yourself to CSM and see if there is a spot for you. Good luck.

  4. How do I bring it up? I have been more or less in a bad mood from the job one big reason is because of the pay. they know im not happy with it. With the new eval, i am still under 16, and in a busy area. while training at the desk, I was dealing with a lot of chaos, and do not feel like I am getting proper treatment as I should. I have been with the company for some time now, and have done so much for it, for the store. (I am now fully trained now btw)

  5. I’m a shift and I just got a raise to $15 this past month because my boss was afraid I would quit (if only I could find a better job). If boss hadn’t said anything I might’ve stayed at $14 forever. Cafes in the area are starting at $15. Some are lower than us. Super weird. We pay our associates about $12 maybe a little more now? Starting.

  6. dang 3 years?? and not becoming a manager?? what happened?

  7. Not really a horror story but I wish my store’s SCOs took cash bc the amount of times I have to suspend orders is ridiculous.

  8. i mean, idk if you want cash. too many people put the wrong things in it and it gets jammed, esp the coin area. there is always a fight about when to fill them up as well

  9. I’ve been at a store with both and prefer the ones that take cash it’s less of a headache.

  10. true. less people to take to the desk, the desk is already swamped by unnecessary purchases

  11. Financially, no. As far as keeping stores open to continue making money? I think yes. Customers shop at publix for the full customer service experience. But associates and management are too busy/ overworked / understaffed to provide it like we used to. If a customer can't find help, isn't getting their ass kissed, or feels the overall shopping experience has declined, they're no longer going to pay "publix pricing" for basic items.

  12. yeah thats me and my store. i think my managers, all want to step down to css.

  13. you dont need to memorize many codes. your own, (obviously), 5000(stamps), 9999/9998(individual pub water...) uhh what else?

  14. At my first store, the CSM had someone shredding all day for 2 days and we 2 trash bags filled with shredded papers. Try getting your contender to shredd

  15. yeah our managers are constantly asking the ris questions and she is like no

  16. I believe the max here in FL was around 19, but I could be mistaken. Honestly I think what happens is not only are there customers constantly, but production, the kitchen, sanitation etc to take care of. Not to mention they throw new associates in with little knowledge, so some things just fall between the cracks. As an associate I still haven't been trained on answering the phone to fulfill pre orders and things like that, there is just so much to learn and people hardly take the time to train properly.

  17. what is in the kitchen? what is involved?

  18. End of the day depends on the location but in my experience I’d say deli and customer service are about tied

  19. i had customers complain that we ran out of an item that is in the paper and she was shocked at it...

  20. I laugh at the one that says "all I wanna do is make love to you" cuz like....its just a polite way to say she just wants to fuck someone. Lol

  21. if i got it right, also cheat on her current bf.

  22. the only way i can be ok with it is i imagine my dog singing this to me

  23. No one is supposed to be doing pharmacy curbside without the proper HIPAA for pharmacy curbside training completed

  24. i agree. IC is already challenging enough, now we gotta find the 3 people who are qualified and they will all be on break_-_

  25. im worried of this too. we were a busy store but it slowed down a little so we have no staff....IC is still a pain and I saw the pharmacy...and oh boy it will be rough

  26. I’m not Todd Jones and an 80 year old executive in Lakeland told me that shoppers love the 1998 alternative rock band Fastball! We wanted Smashmouth, but it wasn’t in the budget!

  27. im css. i can do the job, i kind of like it, but i dont like how many days i go home furious to company decisions ie not have enough workers for each and every day

  28. technically yes, but also due to pandemic and family, and other things, i have been overly stressed out and blew up like a balloon. trying to get back to a better weight now...

  29. idk about that. many of us were expecting about 1.50 but got 1.25 and thinking of ways to work less.

  30. we always say we will give them an hour, or until tonight

  31. You can hand them a sticky note and a pen. I dont like grabbing peoples phones so I give them some paper so they can write the info i need

  32. yes, and sometimes I hate it. when I first went in there, i was upset that you can hear it pretty loudly

  33. I legit was hoping this happened in a dream but i guess not...sigh

  34. couldnt they just use that to pay for tax for like 2 purchases

  35. Mfs chase me down asking where toilet paper is and other miscellaneanious items as soon as I step out from the deli. Man I wonder if the guy with an apron on making sandwiches all day knows where everything is in the store. I straight up tell them I can't help them. George Jenkins would be proud

  36. people ask where the weirdest items are too much esp when you are on break or on the clock but super busy

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