1. An idea that I’ve seen and thought of a little bit is that of a power struggle for the top student of Cobra Kai in Season 4 between Hawk and Robby. Robby was obviously Kreese’s top student, that he even chose over Hawk as shown near the end of Season 3. So, Hawk would be mad about not being the #1 in Cobra Kai, which leads into him meeting the one and only, Terry Silver.

  2. That's what I was thinking hawk trying to prove to kreese that he can be number one but all kreese cares about is Robby until Terry silver comes in and makes hawk his number one student.

  3. Let me help you out: the house fight plays out the exact same up until the moment where he starts to have his inner conflict but you get some different voices in his head, it goes as such: “ only the strong will survive “ “ it’s kreese he’s got in your head “ I know who you really are eli “ “ you’d actually hurt me “ then some stuff from the house party in season 2 that Demetri used to embarrass hawk runs through his head.

  4. Thanks I really appreciate the idea it really helps a lot.

  5. I mean that other air avatar ( I forgot her name) did a wee bit of the murdering and pretty much told Aang to ice Ozai

  6. I could be Wrong but you might be talking about avatar kiyoshi.

  7. Um from the people I've talked to and if you look at most of the comments on this post a good amount of people didn't like the season but if you do love both seasons that's great more power to you.

  8. Nope you are entitled to your opinion if you hate both seasons okay that's fine but if you love them that's great it's just a question do you agree or disagree it's not that serious,.

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