1. Single mom is the best outcome here, and while difficult is something many people manage and find worth it. The bigger concern and what she has to be careful of is her abuser sharing custody.

  2. Yah that REALLY doesn't sound like the best outcome sharing custody with an abuser or worrying about it for nearly 2 decades

  3. The best outcome of her keeping the baby is him not being involved. My whole comment was about how the real concern is him sharing custody.

  4. Looks good, personally I’d just pair it with sandals but you don’t have to be as basic as I can be : )

  5. Depends on dress code, some places don’t like crop tops.

  6. Well op says that her husband is pretty apathetic towards his mom. That doesn't just come out of no where. She was more than likely emotionally and maybe verbally abusive towards the husband and his sister, Which doesn't exactly breed good will from the abused children but I digress. MIL was abused and in turn probably abused the children she was forced to have, and if you're a victim or abused hearing that the person who treated you poorly had a sad back story may not ever be enough to generate sympathy. Not trying to excuse anyone's behavior I just want to give some perspective on the relationship dynamics that I got from this whole saga. Op is still kind of a bad person though.

  7. It sounds like she was cold/apathetic/emotionally absent rather than abusive. There are lots of reasons people don’t want a relationship with their parents.

  8. You’re the perfect age for promise rings. It’s very common for teenagers and feels much odder to me when adults do it.

  9. Seems pretty reflexive. Therapy could help you in developing healthier responses.

  10. The oldest that I like is A Trip to the Moon (1902). It’s very charming.

  11. The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob is hilarious and I feel like nobody has seen it.

  12. NTA, she already has a child and three stepchildren. Leave this relationship before you end up on the hook for a fourth child.

  13. Don’t make any rash decisions. Get individual counseling and talk about how you’re feeling. It sounds like you have a solid relationship and the grass is not going to be greener on the other side.

  14. But notice how she dresses most commonly. Muted tones, very little contrast.

  15. I think the best path forward is to ask how he feels and go based on that. After all, he's the one who will have to live with it.

  16. The child is three. They won’t be able to have a legitimate conversation about this for many years.

  17. Instinctively it would be theory even though I know that’s probably wrong

  18. Boy: Dean, Emmett, Ethan, Garrett, Graham, Harrison, Heath, Jack, Nathan, Owen, Reed

  19. No, and I haven’t had a cavity since I was maybe eight. I feel like I still have to recommend it though.

  20. I would say no because it would legitimize the abusive relationships young girls in polygamist cults are brainwashed into, especially with the existence of laws allowing marriage of minors with parental consent.

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