I analysed 70 years of baby names in the US to decide what to call a male Karen. It's Terry. [OC]

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  1. Wouldn’t this actually be more harmful for the environment because people would be idling in their cars and frequently accelerating and stopping their cars using even more gas?

  2. Do you think the aim was for this particular act to directly improve the environment? The aim is to make driving difficult and inconvenient for people, so they might consider other options in the future. I'm not saying I agree with it, but your view of what protesting is is a little short-sighted.

  3. In some cases people cannot walk or bike. If you’re buying groceries for a large family there’s no way you could walk or bike carrying 10+bags of groceries. Truckers obviously have to use a truck. Some people may also live far from their job. They could also be driving far distance to school. Also the city this person is in may not be a walking friendly city where you can walk a short distance to a store.

  4. Yeah, never said there aren't people who depend on cars to get around.

  5. Is your objection to this house specifically or the housing market in general? Sure, not many can afford this house, but 500k for a 3 bed within the canals that doesn't need work is pretty much a bargain in this market.

  6. 97m2 is a perfectly standard floor size for a house in Dublin.

  7. Doesn't help that the only public transport from the airport leaves you off at Bus Aras, the absolute most run down part of the city

  8. The 16 and the 41 both go from the airport and neither stop at Bus Aras.

  9. I'd sooner go without the badly needed Metrolink than accept that this gobshite might have some involvement in it

  10. Can I ask what specifically Eamon Ryan is doing to destroy these businesses?

  11. Very surprised to see the generally favourable opinions here. I think it looks awful.

  12. Just checked and it's literally double the price from last year for T1 Short Term C.

  13. Will they give a fuel allowance to those of us who can't work from home?

  14. Why would a plan to conserve fuel involve giving people fuel allowances? People who cannot work from home will benefit from the prices being somewhat restrained by the reduced demand.

  15. 8 minutes to town is such a reach unless you're cycling from literally Fairview. Don't see them mentioning how you'll likely come back to where you locked your bike and find your broken lock and no bike either, and that's if you survive the cycle into town with eScooters weaving past you at 20 Km/h

  16. Been cycling in Dublin for ten years, never been injured or had a bike stolen.

  17. 2 hrs 51 mins for me to bike each way into work/home according to googlemaps.

  18. A 3 hour cycle would be around 50km. If you worked in the centre of Dublin, you would need to commute from Drogheda for that commute. Why would you think advice for people to cycle in Dublin is specifically targeted at people in those circumstances?

  19. Hmm. Most of these claims have been shown to be made-up nonsense. There was something a while ago where a reporter on RTE, double-barrelled name, didn't realise that twitter automatically assigned made-up eight digit code endings to new account names. Somebody did a data science breakdown of it, to clearly show it was false.

  20. I'm not sure if you noticed but this is

  21. Isn’t the whole point of this post you created insulting someone’s appearance lol

  22. Sure, and nobody is claiming me to be above doing so.

  23. If you don’t mind buying used, you could get the regular Pixel 6 today for that much. Google missed the mark with pricing here.

  24. The difference on the Google store in Ireland currently is €90 extra for the 6.

  25. Print statements print to paper.

  26. Jesus Christ, the bar is on the floor.

  27. But the books that were borrowed were only bought once

  28. They do typically cost multiples of what they retail for, however.

  29. How to code physics-based dragon MMO.

  30. He is a professional whinger and his comparisons are infantile. “Ohhh it’s ridiculous that someone is asking for €400k for a two bed apartment in Dublin when the same money can buy you a 5 bed house with a lake in Leitrim” - fuck off.

  31. He doesn't seem to do it as much any more but he used to regularly be ridiculing active bids on houses. None of us want to pay these stupid prices, what good is coming from shaming people who are desperate for a house?


  33. The quote from her is in relation to the inarguable racist abuse she receives and not an excuse for any political failings. The context of the racist abuse is clear in the article.

  34. Did I lose because I'm a wannabe career politician who takes every criticism or failure to be the result of racism?

  35. She didn't blame her defeat on that? She's saying the exact opposite in her tweet, that there is a base who are willing to elect diverse candidates so those candidates should be encouraged to run.

  36. Busses are also rarely fully occupied, hence the comparison avoids the whole issue of utilisation by only looking at capacity.

  37. Throughput matters most at rush hour. Buses are mostly over capacity at rush hour.

  38. Yes the capacity, it has some value as a proxy for the average values (which would be a much better approach but reliable measured averages are hard to find).

  39. One of the main issues is that cars are very rarely fully occupied in rush hour traffic while public transport is usually over subscribed. Cars have plenty of benefits, but as a means of getting a lot of people around at the same time, they're really lacking.

  40. If we're going to go by max capacity then this would literally just be a guide for how many seats each option has.

  41. Please tell me the rules of the road that apply to 99% of cycling which I haven't listed and which cyclists would benefit from taking a test on.

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