The patriarchy is a death cult.

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Fences up around Supreme Court after Roe v Wade leak

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I looked back at me report cards. Every single one from K-8 said I have a problem daydreaming. Every teacher I had wrote that about me and my parents never thought it was a problem. Geez

  2. I guess she can't get a restraining order where she lives? Also, a lawsuit for the mental stress seems fair.

  3. One of the reasons it's perceived this way is because men write more movie reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, and they are incel types. Writing positive reviews for women-centred stories is really important. I read on one of these feminist subs that once a year some women will get together and try write info on different important women for Wikipedia because some sexist men go around removing submissions about women.

  4. Conservative Americans seem closer to being like the Taliban everyday.

  5. Ah, that's amazing. If it's the pill method, I don't see why not. I've had a Pap test from a qualified nurse. She actually communicated more. I found out I have a low cervix. That info really helped me to find the right menstrual cup for my body. I was struggling before talking to her.

  6. I've started to think about every online space as a country. If there's not explicitly feminist ethics written into the rules at the start of the platform, then the space will descend into gross misogyny. Any VR space acts this way. We have seen it on reddit, twitter, metaverse, etc. Safe spaces don't just appear, they must be planned and fought for, IMO.

  7. I hope they do this rally every month until the VPD are forced to do the right thing. I was very sorry to not be able to attend.

  8. We had the worst mass shooting in Canadian history in my province in 2020. The day after it happened I posted on a news article that we would almost certainly find out that the shooter was also a domestic abuser. People came at me hard, literally defending a mass murderer because I couldn't possibly know that, and why leap to that conclusion.

  9. Ya, and who is killing the missing Indigenous women? More misogynists.

  10. I feel like a bad review is like talking behind someone's back. It would be kinder to tell the restaurant exactly what you thought in a comment card, or an email.

  11. I had a hard time in school In a male dominated field. They were so competitive with each other and trying to be macho that I felt squeezed out.

  12. I feel it so much. The world has become smaller since the globe has become more connected. Right now, in Vancouver, the body of a missing woman has been discovered; her skull and fingers removed, and the police are not investigating. A woman's right to exist is being challenged on every front.

  13. Jokes that don't make people laugh are bad jokes. Bad comedians.

  14. I'm looking for who is starting the World Wide Feminist Army

  15. I always walk fast like a crazy, drug-fueled person when in dangerous or dark areas. I cover up more, especially in taxis. I'm wary about keeping a weapon on me because I've been told an attacker is likely to use it against you; however, sometimes I'll carry something in my fist like a wine bottle opener with the corkscrew jutting out between my middle and ring finger, or a fork. I feel like the best defense is behaving angry and irratic. Unless you're afraid of the police. Then the best thing to do is not talk at all until you see a lawyer.

  16. I didn't know that was legal in BC. Pretty crazy.

  17. Why don't they get stolen more often? I know there are car alarms, but there's a lot of poor desperate people in Dubai also. One would think corruption and inside jobs would at least get those cars moving.

  18. You need to be genetically predisposed to ptsd, according to Dr. Robert Sapolsky. He's fascinating, if you want to get lost thinking about why things are the way the are. He's got some lectures posted on youtube.

  19. What videks couls you give a link plesse, i couldnt find any related to trauama

  20. The problem is gender parity on the any given police force. The world over cops are only 30% female, at most. The whole concept of police enforcement needs to be redesigned with several instances of pilot programs, and data analysis, including qualitative research. Law needs a redo.

  21. Safety, and human rights diminish everyday. When I think about all the indigenous populations worshiping Mother Earth and trying to protect the land, animals, water sources, and the destruction the rest of human populations bring, I see how wrong "modern civilization" has become.

  22. The country's single greatest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions

  23. It certainly sounds consistent with a "Mark Zuckerberg Presents..." creation.

  24. My boyfriend works in VR and says the true intention of the metaverse is a deeper level of data mining.

  25. When I read this I immediately thought the metaverse sounds like reddit in VR. Each room relies on user moderators, so there is no top down control for basic human respect. It's the wild west model.

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