1. He doesn’t have many designer perfumes actually. Mostly niche houses

  2. He still buys designer fragrances just to bitch about how awful they are.

  3. I tried to order on the French Dior site but when I go to checkout it says they don't ship to my address. Do they not ship to USA?

  4. This dude actually showed up here a while back. This might summon him again.

  5. Well it’s either try to do something different with the format, or sit there and talk about a fragrance while holding the bottle and staring at the camera.

  6. I'm actually not doubting his perfumes are good and wish him success. But way to expensive for the regular user, so no mass appeal or wide distribution potential. My guess is they will remain largely unknown outside his circle. That's what happens to most fragcom products, they overestimate the buyer power of their subscribers and underestimate the conglomerates' marketing for both designer and high end.

  7. I don’t think mass appeal is what he’s aiming for. Even if he did reach a wider audience, the style of perfumery he’s going for won’t appeal to the average person that wears fragrances.

  8. Im conservative and have gay friends. Does that make me disingenuous too?

  9. Owens criticizing the Conservative Party (called them “bat shit crazy” at one point) and then doing a completely 180 a couple years later is what makes her disingenuous.

  10. People do that all the time, people change from red to blue and vice Versa all the time. You’re not obligated to 1 party for life right? I don’t get the point of the post to be honest. It’s for bashing frag YouTube’s, not their political affiliations.

  11. This is why politics are dumb. Especially when you’ve got people that base their whole social media presence around poking the opposing hornets nest.

  12. So the first two brands and products sounded familiar but I saw the abbreviation EDP and I thought you were trying to sneak a fake brand past them and make them rave over something that’s not real. Also if you don’t know who EDP is, he was a pedophile YouTuber. His scandal was fairly recent.

  13. I mean that’s the actual retail price for that swill. The grey market has spoiled us.

  14. A YouTube search shows me that Zaharoff visited him almost three years ago, and I see like two other videos in the last couple years that mention Zaharoff. We’re certainly not talking TLTG levels of shilling here.

  15. It boggles my mind how his subscribers don't question his integrity and legitimacy as a reviewer.

  16. Every Chanel outside of BdC and Allure completely eludes him. Which, for as long as he claims to have been into fragrances and with how many bottles he has, is really kind of shocking. Same with Dior.

  17. Not sure. Just happened to see it in a CubaKnow thumbnail this morning.

  18. In that case, it’s Dua. That guy shills Dua to no end

  19. Even the way he repeatedly nods his head is annoying

  20. “Yes yes I thought the exact same thing yes yes I’m just as perceptive except I knew it first yes yes”

  21. I'm going to disagree with him - and many of y'all - in that I do think there are some combinations that work, especially when you like a fragrance, but it's just missing one aspect you might want more of (citrus, vanilla, etc.) Mostly I think we should appreciate them as compositions on their own, but I've also found some blending that works as well.

  22. It’s not that layering doesn’t work, it’s when people layer with no regard for… anything! They’re just slapping on two or more scents they like and creating a muddled miasma to annihilate the nostrils of everyone in their wake.

  23. I recommend Escale en Indonesie by Les Indemodables, but you have to like ambergris

  24. You seem to forget that ingredients like oud, ambergris, and spices are all middle eastern ingredients. The Middle East has one of the oldest and most storied perfume industries, far older than anything from France or Italy. Don’t label their entire industry as merely clones.

  25. Would you recommend like Wednesday or Thursday evening? Or Friday morning or afternoon? I'm really confused. I need you to tell me how to handle this.

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