1. How much RAM does your 2015er have?

  2. Doesn’t really matter as the 2015 Air processor will be an ancient Intel dual core with bad Intel graphics. M2 will be an 8 core CPU using 5NM process and fast memory bandwidth of 100 Gb/s

  3. What’s the VOEC number for eBay? (To add in as part of the address)

  4. The email comparison is perfect, cb wallet is interacting with network protocols. It’s not controlled in game purchases like a random game app.

  5. Although there are actually no “network fees” for sending emails

  6. “Breaking News, Craig Wright claims to be Putin, the creator of cryptocurrency”

  7. The more RAM the more layers you’ll be able to use

  8. See my edited post with the most useful youtube review specific for photo editing

  9. There is a native AutoCAD version for Mac

  10. Try disconnecting every single cable form the monitor (including the power) and reconnect it one by one (starting by power the HDMI cable from MacBook ) and see if it works before plugin in any other device or video cable

  11. If you don’t use the AirPort TC as a router you cannot connect directly the MBP to the ATC with an Ethernet cable. You must connect the ATC to your modem/router from your ISP and then disable ATP’s wifi.

  12. Men... hva bettyr §8 egentlig?

  13. Are those mba sold directly by Amazon? I only have seen the 8GB RAM versions of it.

  14. It will be next Friday, Black Friday

  15. Where did you find the Mac mini 16GB 512GB for 1033€ ??

  16. NTFS are mounted read-only by the system. You might need to install FUSE or similar to be able to write on it if you want to keep it as NFTS and also use it with a windows computer.

  17. To me it sounds right. I prefer RAM over storage as I have a NAS at home and if I would need more storage on the go I would buy one tiny SSD that would be far cheaper than the storage upgrades from Apple.

  18. I read somewhere that the 14 does not profit as much as the 16 from the MAX variant as the thermal constraints are tighter (smaller size, thus smaller fans etc) and I would go for more RAM than a more powerful processor.

  19. The lack of thrift shops that hit me deep😭

  20. You’ll find them in Fredrikstad

  21. Holy Moses, 80% of this sub is FTX news right now 😳 crazy times

  22. Maybe they can rename the sub to

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