1. Thats fair. Maybe Cinderella or Lucy would've better in place.

  2. Red is the best!! Not underrated though, everyone loves her the actress used to get a lot of fan attention during the show run, so I couldn't bring myself to vote her even though she was my fav.

  3. Omg, someone who did the task right, and not just choose their favorite character, lol.

  4. This is one of the times, Im happy not to see representation

  5. Its a shame we may never see him, but permanently retiring well established characters, brings alot of levity to the situation. Its needed in these films, especially considering that in comics, death is basically meaningless

  6. When I see these types of cross-promotions, my mind always goes to Vought, lol.

  7. I dont want to sound like an asshole, but I cannot stand her acting, and Im hoping she's going to be recast with this whole DC reboot they're doing. I honestly have no interest in seeing her.

  8. I always thought Dr. Williamson would have been perfect for Piper.

  9. omg yeah. We didnt see any of her victims (none that we actually knew of anyway)

  10. They were not victims, but innocents they lost and blamed themselves for it

  11. Yeah, poor wording on my part. Thats what I meant

  12. One thing about the show I found weird was that people always brished off traumatic incidents. I guess maybe its part of living in a Hellmouth, but I dont remember there ever being an official explanation.

  13. There wasn't. There was just Giles' little "explanation" at the end of episode 2 that fans constantly cite. It's one of the more frustrating aspects of the show.

  14. One thing that I remember alot is one of the students exploded, in S7, and the next scene with Buffy reacting was played for laughs. Just felt really weird. Like bro is dead.

  15. Its been a while since I've seen the past films, but rewatching a clip from the 1st one, I forgot how much his voice has evolved.

  16. This is basically a new season of American Crime story, with a sports star at the forefront. Dunno why they have to market it as a whole new show.

  17. Didnt even realise this was a thing. Whats the reason?

  18. Hopoefully they address the colorism too.

  19. Making him a serial was such a stupid an unneccessary cheap twist. I was hoping he'd be a double-agent or something. Give us a healthy sibling relationship in the show. They just did it to emphasise the point that Betty came from "the darkness", whatever the hell that meant.

  20. The whole Glen/Glenda/2 souls/1 soul split into two situation really confused me.

  21. If they're watching cartoons/shows, only put ones on, in that language. My uncle would straight up refuse to talk to my cousins if they replied in English to him. Not saying you should do that, but hey, it worked.

  22. Sometime during S2 I think it hit me, it aint gonna happen, lol. I still remember that

  23. I can't give an answer, but its definitely between S1-4, for me.

  24. All I'll say is, I can't judge, because I have no idea how I'd react in that situation. Valerio was beyond stupid for informing him of it though.

  25. He was never bad, but his portrayal definitely got better as the series progressed. I think the show took itself too seriously at times, and they were going for a dark tone, but it just didnt work, and clashed at times.

  26. Feel bad for him because he was meant to be the Professor in that CW Powerpuff Girls reboot, which was filmed around the same time, and that got cancelled too, (The show would've been a disaster, but lowkey, I wanted to see it)

  27. Maybe a little, but the creators and writers said they were inspired by 80s rock ballads. So much so that they nicknamed the some “total eclipse of the witch”

  28. That wouldnt be for all of them though, Im assuming. Snow and Charming's song was definitely more reminscent of old-school Disney and Emma's was inspired by the shows actual theme.

  29. It definitely gave me broadway vibes.

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