1. Saying the words "I take responsibility" in the middle of a million mumbled excuses isn't good enough. He clearly doesn't understand what he did was wrong.

  2. i think Sage Karam needs to stick to Indycar. he just can't get it done in Stock Cars.

  3. He was racing against a JRM car in a fucking Alpha Prime car dude. If anything Noah should just quit racing if he's not fast enough to outrun that kind of equipment.

  4. Gragson pissing off NASCAR twitter is totally worth it

  5. Millions of dollars of damage, a situation that easily could have resulted in injury, but all that is fine because you love seeing people upset on twitter.

  6. Who knew that Hendrick had better pit crews than SS Greenlight Racing

  7. Custer's cup crew is working the 07. Their stop was fine, he just got stuck behind the crew in the pitstall ahead of him, actually ran over one of their wheels on the way out.

  8. I'm just saying that Kansas City doesn't give a fuck if you think they're a small market or not, seeing as they win titles and New York does not.

  9. Someone on Bubba's crew HAS to intentionally be fucking with him... this is happening too often to be just bad coincidences...

  10. Right, a professional tire changer intentionally tried to get himself suspended just to fuck over his own team.

  11. WWE is cringe as hell, why does NASCAR keep trying to cozy up to it so much?

  12. Because unfortunately there is a lot of crossover in the two fanbases.

  13. Jeffrey Earnhardt running P7 in the 26 car is outstanding.

  14. He's done fine but not really outstanding, that's a really good car. JHN took that car to two top fives already this season.

  15. But Jeffery is not driving every week like JHN. If someone would invest a couple years in Jeffery he would probably impress

  16. Jeffery has run 7 Xfinity races this season, JHN has only run 5. Jeffery has 138 career Xfinity series starts, JHN only has 61.

  17. There's no chance that Custer was driving anything other than a full SHR car. I'd bet the first time Bobby Dotter's crew touched the car was when they took it off an SHR truck and put it in theirs.

  18. Nope, everyone involved said that was not touched by SHR, except for when they got a certain number of cars from them pre-season. Custers cup crew did crew him for that race, but it was a SSGL prepped car.... that was wrecked a week later by ya boi.

  19. Uh huh. And if you believe that sales pitch I have a bridge you might be interested in as well.

  20. Probably. He’s doing about as expected if not a little better in trucks and xfinity when he runs. I think he’s a serviceable cup driver based on his previous seasons but we’ll have to see what he can do in top 15 equipment. If that doesn’t work he’s always got a spot in the lower series. Corey said there’s other options but like others say I doubt they’d hire him as a reserve driver unless this was the plan.

  21. JTG never should have been 2 cars in the first place- They had too much funding for one car, but not enough to run 2 cars equally on equipment, and Preece was the short stick all 3 of those seasons, especially the one when they ran him as an open car. He has talent, he's proven it.

  22. Not popular opinion but I don't think Adam Petty would have done much. The team wasn't magically going to get much better, maybe somewhat better but he might have capped out at Bobby Labonte 43 level. Davey would have probably been a 3 time champion. Dale Sr would have won a few more races maybe, gotten to 80 wins, no more titles but I think Dale Jr would have been a champion with him alive.

  23. If this was anything standard or small, FOX would have wished him well on the broadcast. Something bad happened, enough to make FOX cut ties entirely. Eventually it will come out.

  24. From what I can tell, she hasn't driven a professional race in almost two years, that last race being in the second level of the Euro road course series.

  25. It’s also my big worry for Gragson coming up to cup. And he’s been way less dominant than Cole was in Xfinity

  26. In my opinion, there are zero drivers in the Xfinity series who are good enough to jump up and be competitive in cup next year. Ty Gibbs might pan out with another year of experience, or he could be another Erik Jones finishing 15th-20th every year. Nobody else has a chance.

  27. I'd argue that saying you'd give a guy a seat, then never bothering to send over paperwork, does not actually count as an offer.

  28. I offer you 15 million dollars. My people will get with your people about the details.

  29. Lmao Fox's ticker showed Briscoe up 7 tenths over 5th right at the line... then he goes seventh.

  30. lol Hamlin's group A time wouldn't even be in the top 5 in this group.

  31. Ever heard of a little thing called track evolution?

  32. So stats start mattering at what point in time?

  33. If you can seriously look at this race where Janet finished

  34. He isn't necessarily saying that she is better, but you specifically said higher in any stat. That is what KNL is talking about. You can't make that claim about stats and then when it is countered by a stat, you call it shit.

  35. Fine. Any stat category that matters. That good enough for you pedants?

  36. If you can watch Alex's face and seriously think he's joking, then I have serious doubts you've ever interacted with another human being.

  37. Both things could be true. He can be a Richmond fan, and also not immediately recognize that the particular #25 in that race was a Richmond/Hendrick car.

  38. For context on this, pretty decent truck rating, quite poor xfinity racing. The series had been solidly above 1 million viewers to start the season, but has really faded lately. I’d guess Saturday evenings in nice weather is a big player as to why people aren’t in front of their TVs

  39. I don’t see how the viewership number can be misinterpreted here though. 800k viewers is 800k viewers, regardless of how many households have a tv on at any given time.

  40. Against NASCAR and on cable and I’ve always wondered if it’s a big ask for people to schedule a summer weekend around sitting in front of the TV for a race, with the exception of us supreme nerds. Compounded that the pandemic is “over” are most people just out and about?

  41. Ratings are a percentage of the people who are watching TV at that time. People going outside doesn't help or hurt anything in the ratings, those people simply aren't counted.

  42. Yeah for sure. I guess what I’m pondering is: are the type of people that would be interested in watching the race the type of people who have something to do on a June afternoon?

  43. I mean, if you're suggesting somehow that Indycar fans are more likely to go outside on a nice day than fans of every other bit of programming on at the time... that seems like a desperate grab for a straw.

  44. I don’t understand why this article is talking so much about driver’s positions within teams - just because Palou won the championship last year doesn’t mean Dixon is a #2 driver now. Similarly, we had multiple Penske drivers battling each other for championships in the past.

  45. I don't expect Pato will need to worry about fighting Rossi anywhere except the ovals anyway. He'll be miles ahead.

  46. And not every rumour comes to fruition - last summer, the talk was that Ferrucci was a lock for the third RLL seat.

  47. I remember a huge argument on here about all that, some guy was saying that PepsiCo was secretly paying for all of HyVee's sponsorship because Santino's dad was friends with the Pepsi CEO or something. It was back in my lurker days so I don't have it saved unfortunately.

  48. It has more to do with nascar not being as popular and the ap deciding they needed someone to cover all motor sports with f1 rise. They sent her to the Middle East to cover f1 last year and she goes to prob 25% of Indy car races now and she gets scoops because her news can get her in every newspaper in the country with it being from AP

  49. Yeah I think he just wanted to do part-time but went full-time as catharsis when Adam passed.

  50. He's said exactly this, the #45 was Adam's cup team for 2001, Busckshot was hired to replace Kyle in the #44, and Kyle was just going to run part time (probably in the #42). When Adam died, Sprint basically demanded that Kyle run the car or they'd leave the team, and Kyle ended up finding it therapeutic, so he stuck around even after the Sprint deal ended.

  51. On DJD with Denny he mentioned that JGR hadn't laid anybody off from last year and they were finding jobs for them to do until the full extent of what they will be able to do on the cup cars is fully understood. I wonder if this is Rick trying to keep people working and productive while things are getting sorted out. Or if this is a great way to use up inventory of things that transfer from Gen6 to Xfinity car

  52. Bro there is zero chance that a NASCAR-only streaming service would make anywhere near enough money for Fox and NBC to allow it to happen for anything less than 100% of the revenue.

  53. I've been saying this for a long time - Jimmie isn't a draw. He was never popular in NASCAR in the first place, hell there's a very strong argument that he's partially responsible for driving fans away from NASCAR. What little curiosity most of his fans had about his Indycar attempts died hard when he finished last every week last season.

  54. Dude stood up on a stage and said (paraphrasing) "I'm never going to compare myself to Earnhardt and Petty, I'm just proud of what we accomplished"...despite having more wins than Earnhardt and more full time competition than Petty.

  55. I don't give a fuck what he said years ago in a speech someone else wrote for him. Watch his acceptance speech from last night. Seemed to me that he didn't know the award existed (he even called it the wrong name), but was clearly happy to take it.

  56. So if you don't care about a speech from years ago, why do you care about this one?

  57. ...because it is relevant to this discussion. Are you brain dead?

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