1. I honestly think this is more of a feature than a bug. It’s how they maintain power.

  2. I’m excited to see this too! I’ve always wanted to build her since I’m trans, but didn’t care for the old art. The new art is amazing!

  3. Just this morning I saw an old lady with a sign like this in Xenia, OH. It says “WAR IS COMING PRAY TO BE READY”.

  4. I already ordered two, and I might bump that up to four. I love Alesha and Bearscape.

  5. For example: Was the rubber duck involved?

  6. I haven’t talked to anyone in my family (except my mom) in a decade. They want nothing to do with me. They consider my very existence to be subversive and openly defiant to the natural laws of the universe (I’m queer).

  7. Man, I can't imagine how emotionally tough that must be. It's a whole other layer of difficulty. I hope you've found a solid support system outside your family to boost you up.

  8. I wish I had a solid support system! My fiancé is all I really have. There’s a couple coworkers who are pretty good friends. Beyond that, just my therapist.

  9. You could think of it as 2/3*1000 😀!

  10. Or in other terms, 66.66%, repeating of course, were the odds of failing their UBRS run (search “Leeroy Jenkins” on YouTube)!

  11. I was definitely there with you! Although I was raised LDS, my grandma who babysat me and my sister for our entire childhoods, was fundamentalist Pentecostal. So I got a double whammy of it!

  12. The “spared no expense” thing goes well for temple design also.

  13. If you want to learn how to do network engineering - no.

  14. Cat 9500 and 9600 have 3 ASICS. For the 48-port SFP line card (or model) it’s broken up as ports 1-16, 17-32, 33-48.

  15. The eyelashes and eyebrows both are too uncanny valley. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  16. I wish they had the brown bear Djungelskog here in the US. We only have the panda here.

  17. I sent this video to my super religious grandma to show her how batshit crazy people like her sound when they try to spread their beliefs. Her phone locked up and was playing it on loop until the battery died. Even with the phone locked, the audio was still going. She was convinced that it was a demonic attack against her, and that the devil made me send it to her. I laughed myself to sleep at the thought of this audio playing on loop for like six hours.

  18. This is amazing! I’m a trans woman who just picked up woodworking and I’d love to make something like this!

  19. That’s awesome! I didn’t realize there was a book for Infinity War.

  20. I buy my booster boxes and set booster boxes from my LGS. They’re $110 and $115 respectively, which is only slightly more than Amazon. I’ll also buy some singles there since he sells at TCG mid.

  21. It mentions at the end that banning transition for adults is a possibility. What would that mean for adults who already transitioned surgically? If they have their HRT taken away, and they won’t detransition by taking the hormone of their birth sex, are they just screwed or what?

  22. Don’t forget, they will be able to effectively ban trans people (at least trans women) from transitioning if they outlaw or restrict birth control. Don’t have to worry about trans women if there’s de-facto no trans women!

  23. Oh dang, I used to play there when it was Tony’s, and then when it was Aaron’s. I moved across town, but I may have to check this out!

  24. Please report to police if someone can spot the person doing this. Sounds like a copper thief, not necessarily someone making a political statement about electric cars.

  25. 100% - they want that copper. These cables have a ton of it.

  26. I have had a casual bear tribal for years and I love it! I have two foil copies of bearscape, however I actually don't recommend using it. The main thing that makes bear decks work is having a full graveyard for both threshold cards, and Gnaw To The Bone. Being able to grind out by making a butt ton of bears with the one token card due to threshold, and gain a arse load of life with gnaw to the bone is how you win games. And oc Savage Punch is an amazing piece of removal when paired with some of the khans block bears and a thresheld Werebear!

  27. Ach Hans run! It’s the papa bear! 🏳️‍🌈

  28. I wonder if they do manage to ban contraception, if they will include hormones for trans people under that. Hormone therapy is sterilizing, and they could simply schedule hormones and prevent us from being able to transition.

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