1. There are two halal carts in the meatpacking district without prices on their carts.

  2. This is why the Gallo and Brogdon signings were so important. They will alleviate his postseason minutes. Boston's bench collapsed in the ECF and Finals.

  3. Exactly. If you can count on anyone to be healthy and impactful in the playoffs it’s Brogdon and Gallo. Their track record proves this.

  4. Less chances for Brogdon to get hurt if he plays less minutes as a sixth man. And Gallo hasn't been hurt in a while.

  5. Now, why would Mark like these tweets? Why would he do that?

  6. Meh, was outplayed and embarrassed by Tatum and the Celtics while getting swept. Sure looks to be not as good as he used to be( splits of 39/33/90 against Boston)

  7. Tatum was embarrassed by Andrew Wiggins in the Finals. What's your point?

  8. Bill's Kyrie-as-lobster analogy is a remix of that deli where they have a huge menu with pasta and burgers and gyros and nothing is really great. I think he used it with Mike Lombardi?

  9. Ah I see… I think when OP refers to “superteams” he means KD joining the 73 win Warriors after losing to them in the WCF

  10. LeBron James held a press conference to tell his hometown team he was leaving to join a superteam in Miami.

  11. That sounds very concrete and all but you didn’t say anything new here. Maybe you were very offended by the press conference or w/e, but those hurt feelings don’t make it “the worst extreme of a superteam in modern history.”

  12. I didn’t say it was more of a superteam. I said what LeBron did was the worst aspect of a superteam. I beg of you to read my words more carefully.

  13. why did you put teams next to them if they’re free agents? they aren’t on any team

  14. Ehh I defended Bill during the Jalen Green fiasco, but he dug his own grave on this one.

  15. Over 2 hours is the lock of the century. The only question is if it's released as multiple parts, does the bet still get paid out?

  16. No. You have to just hope it isnt broken into two. That’s the only hope for the under. They have too much to talk about.

  17. Jazz get - Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Walker Kessler, Jarred Vanderbilt, multiple first-round picks

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