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  1. Not really tbh, I remember one of my friend in hs used to love shaking my hands cause they were "so incredibly smooth" according to him, what a sweetheart haha.

  2. For reading and fully enjoying books, like me. I'll literally get made fun of bc 'books are boring' lol just bc your brain doesn't fucking concentrate and can't read it, it's not my fault. Lmfao and then they make fun of others bc they read them. It's actually sad.

  3. Probably want to sleep and die or maybe not. I don't want to feel pain, i mean at least my death should be peaceful, right?

  4. Not working all the time, having time to read and just enjoy life in general. Also not having any problems with family or friends. Just having a great time with myself.

  5. Break up probably i mean good for you that you found yourself and I'll support you ofc but not as a lover but as a friend

  6. Lmao I didn’t even see your name or page before I said that

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