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  1. Great edit, this guy is one of my favorite fighters to watch. He starts off with windmills and ends with open hand slaps; how could you not find that entertaining?

  2. Who is this piece of trash, he must be famous for all the wrong reasons.

  3. I’ve always been a presale buyer but it looks like I’ll be going for resale this time. I resold my extra W1 tickets at a loss this year for $250 each. Seeing Presales listed at $500, GV can go Fck themselves. The presales will always sell out regardless but I’m estimating the resales to be around $300.

  4. Dope that you met her, I just wish people in this sub would relax and get along.

  5. My god the way that orangutan grabbed that man’s leg was similar to a UFC fighter going for a single leg takedown. This makes me legitly cautious of how smart orangutans could actually be.

  6. You are right he never said what this guy claims. He was praising rose for not fighting emotional. They are just twisting his words cos they hate him, which is understandable

  7. They definitely twisted his words from the MMA Hour interview to make a story; PB however doesn't acknowledge his mistakes or take any accountability which makes people hate him.

  8. That’s not what he was saying. He said in the past things like that would get Rose unfocused and undisciplined which lead to her throwing the gameplan out the window midfight. He said this was the first time she was able to stick to a gameplan the entire fight and how thats a testimate to their preparation. He def did not allude at all that sean strickland was the reason rose lost.

  9. You are right, the writer of the article completely ran away with it and the post is sarcasm (I removed the last statement from my previous comment which was untrue). Only those who watched the entire MMA Hour interview will understand the full context but it doesn't change the other facts that people are clowning PB for.

  10. Eagle ain’t coming back, let the man relax and enjoy Olives legacy.

  11. Pat Berry looks at himself in the mirror and says “I’m the best” when it comes to coaching.

  12. Let’s all enjoy the fights, appreciate the fighters, and be happy.

  13. My dad surprised me on my 8th birthday with a lime green GBC and Pokémon Blue. I’m 32 now and still remember just how excited and happy I was that day.

  14. Was headed to Honduras for a college class. Had to take anti malaria pills for a few days before going, and take a pill every day of the trip. Fine the first two days on the pill, we all leave to the plane. Get to the airport, get on the first plane. By the time we got off we had an hour to get to the connecting flight halfway across the airport. Stomach starts rumbling, I think I'm just hungry. Get on the plane, aisle seat next to the kindest couple I've ever met. Introductions, then we start the three hour flight. And that's when I realize I have to shit. Bad. I couldn't get to the bathroom, the entire class of 20+ college students all had to piss so I just lean back, hopeful they'll be done soon.

  15. May god have mercy on you, thanks for sharing your story.

  16. I'd actually back those same people over Pat Barry though..

  17. LMFAOO poor Pat Barry, don't know what he was thinking during that fight but he became an even bigger clown after last night.

  18. I was thinking the same, the only contender that will go on the floor with Charles is Islam.

  19. How bad you think those shots hurt?

  20. I shit my pants and tap out on the ground if Im even capable of coherent thought after one of those knees.

  21. I honestly think his face just swells up a lot. His actual body ain’t even that bad.

  22. I claimed it, thank you so much! Now I have a cool Terra skin <3

  23. Hunter x hunter because I found out the creator quit making this

  24. Prison Break. First season was fire. Second season was ok, but then it just kinda kept going for no reason?

  25. I was incredibly hooked on the first season.

  26. Because most people who actually enjoy the game play it instead of sitting here complaining :D

  27. THISS. However I am fortunate to play with a dedicated squad of 4 so I don't know what it's like playing in a pub.

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