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10 YEAR OLD rape victim denied abortion in Ohio.

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  1. What makes these so expensive 😬

  2. People buying more than their fair share and then price gouging fellow collecters on the internet is why.

  3. They sell for a 100 dollars only becuase people take all the stock at the ass crack of dawn to make a buck off of people who want to enjoy a cheap hobby. They aren’t good people and they make everything from card games to die cast collecting a pain in the ass.

  4. More like a wanna be half assed Portland with undertones of right wing extremism.

  5. Night life in salem consists of going to a real city. (Portland)

  6. and doing what? drinking surrounded by edison bulbs?

  7. Yeah or Karaoke, strippers, live music, food, poetry. Whatever you want really.

  8. This bully methodology of hers is going to cost her the election.

  9. It won’t when with who she is running against. It’s a choice between a republican, Betsy baby killer and Tina. We are all gonna go with Tina.

  10. When is the next pride reading time? Let’s make sure they have protection since the cops clearly want to choose sides.

  11. Says the man who can barely right a legible legal argument to save his life.

  12. Yeah of course this gets downvoted. Go eat more lead and finish yourselves off idiots.

  13. Democracy is dying, our founding fathers and rolling in their graves.

  14. I had CNN on after the hearing, and Adam Kinzinger came on for a few minutes to provide a little more background. Apparently, the pardon that Gaetz wanted would have been the broadest pardon in all of history. He basically said that he needed one that absolved him of any and all crimes committed from the day he was born until the day Trump pardoned him.

  15. Why is that so hard to believe? There are so many other laws on the books that were, eventually, hundreds of years later, found unconstitutional, after the SC was finally willing to rationally consider the issues.

  16. It’s hard to believe because the legal reasoning is total bullshit and the law IS constitutional. That’s why it stood for 108 years. Normally when a long standing opinion is overturned its becuase right wing ideologs got ahold of a judicial majority.

  17. No, just wait until you have no judicial recourse at all. Then they will ramp up the brutality like we’ve never seen in this country.

  18. Love that they put a picture of the future Tahoe above the assault rifle

  19. He certainly didn’t turn the other cheek when he whipped the shit out of the money lenders that were stealing from everyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. The whip was for animals and the owners followed the animals out of the temple. It never says Jesus strikes another human with it.

  21. See everyone reasonable people call others a “fuck face” right? You are insufferable. Enjoy the pissed off anti progression life you lead. Remember stress is bad for your heart friend.

  22. What even is trumps agenda. I know he is xenophobic but what do you even call this asshat?

  23. Enrich his family and let corporations raw dogg America and the world for all its worth.

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