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Raising awareness, you are not just imagining things, there's a weird new input delay causing Skills/Bursts/Charge attacks to not work correctly

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  1. Are you sure that piece isn't just +4??? Sure looks like it

  2. Upgrade to level 80 atleast, upgrade the talents aswell, prioritize ult then e, and upgrade sac sword to 80 for more ER

  3. didn't even realize, well that's one good thing I guess

  4. I tried it with Ayaka, it doesn't work. But she doesn't need a glitch for infinite infusion, she just needs to dash. I dont have Keqing

  5. can confirm it doesn't work for hutao (pyro dash and pyro infused polearm)

  6. i love the pain that others get from bad rng, it feeds me

  7. wait what I'm in eu but mine releases in 44 mins 🥲

  8. U should find the missing seelies. Use elemental sight to see the direction.

  9. wait you can find the seelies with elemental sight? ar55 player and still didn't know this lol

  10. He doesn’t really need a healing bonus as long as you have a good healer on your team bc for xiao you wanna prioritize his attack and crit stats more than defensive or healing bonuses because his damage doesn’t scale off of it even if it makes playing him feel safer

  11. Lmao you never know. I've been farming blizzard for some time. I have 0 crit rate from artifacts. I just maximised the crit dmg since I have harp but the crit rate artifact are garbage anyway

  12. well I have the opposite problem, I'm going for freeze ganyu but only get 10+%cr on my artifacts and no cd% :/

  13. Don't accept realm join requests. They just want your mats.

  14. depends on what I'm doing and what they want, for example I was afk a few days ago and some random really nice guy just wanted some hilichurls so I let him farm since I don't need the mats

  15. Where do you find nice people on this game? All I ever encounter are people who say nothing, people who say something along the lines of "me join", or people talking in russian.

  16. I actually don't get much requests, but when I do I check the name first (to see which language they speak) and then usually accept, most of the time they greet and ask what they want, I guess it's just because I have a wholesome bio or something.

  17. don't know why you got downvoted but I'm all here for it.

  18. The thing I noticed when playing Hu Tau is that it takes a while to activate my E skill. I will press E, start attacking, and then notice that I am not doing pyro damage so then I spam E a couple more times until it activates. This wastes several seconds.

  19. This also just happened to me and I got so confused why I wasn't doing pyro dmg, turns out one E press isn't enough.

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