1. highly recommend taking all the stuff you need for taming with you beforehand, so when you find that perfect dino you want to tame, you don't have to go back to get everything and risk losing it again

  2. At this time i wasnt looking for giga, i was just trying to steal waywern eggs and randomly saw giga

  3. ah well, that's bad luck then! sorry to hear :/

  4. I loved it in a big way when I played it recently. I'd been playing all kinds of short games and this was the first "meaty" one in a while.

  5. Sorry to be a nitpick but Aloy is voiced by Ashley Burch not Ashley Johnson (she's from the Last of Us)

  6. oh I had a ptera on passive flee once... can't recommend

  7. yeah I feel like most people only learn this the hard way

  8. It's just a trend, that ace ppl have the same obsessions/interests - space and dinosaur/dragons are really common themes. Don't worry about it it's not a label or smtn

  9. didn't know that either, that's neat! I definitely count as one of the dinosaur aces then xD

  10. I can see why that happening sometimes can be annoying and whatever but no reason to insult singleplayers mate... to each their own, you don't have to understand why some people like it if you clearly don't

  11. the last part of your rant seems really passive aggressive and belittling against singleplayers which imo is uncalled for and has nothing to do with the issue you're presenting

  12. sorry to hear! I really recommend having a strong flyer for taming hostile creatures so you can flee in an emergency or fight if there's no other way

  13. I do have a Pteranodon, but I still lack the level to fly on her back

  14. then maybe get a good raptor for now if you can make the saddle, they're fast and nimble for an escape and can still put up a fight if necessary

  15. I forgot to mention the deinonychus! The raptor birds, right? I have a ton of their eggs. Where I built my base, turns out, the populate eith nests right on the other side of the same cliff. But online I think it said they need to be 177 degrees to hatch the eggs? I haven't found obsidian and stuff yet to build ACs (which I've never used before) but I'm assuming there must be a really hot area somewhere on this map. Hopefully my OTT with some 14k melee is enough to help me survive that heat lol

  16. yeah the feathery raptors :D and yes, the eggs need it hot. but you can absolutely hatch them without ACs or leaving your base! just take a corner of your base and build a circle of about 20-ish standing torches, pick a time of day when it's warmest and not about to turn night soon and then throw the eggs in the middle of the circle and check if you maybe need more torches. should work perfectly fine, I always hatch eggs like that in the behinning when I don't have fancy equipment yet :P

  17. I've done it with campfires. I figured they were better but I don't like them because I always end up having to burn myself to put them out. Maybe torches will work better, I'll try it and see. If so I can probably hatch about 6 by now which will be a nice addition to the rex I caught :) even though for the first time ever I spent all this time building a massive wall around my base just to realize I need the behemoth gate to let the rex in lol. Also my argies are pretty damn powerful but if I ever do a boss or something like that then this army will be handy.

  18. yeah, campfires work too :P tho they indeed are a bit inconvenient for that purpose. also they take up a lot more space than torches, which always annoyed me. sounds like you had a really good start! :) what levels did you get for your rex and deinos? haha, yeah the pain with the gates xD I never have the patience to wait until I can unlock that, and without a dodic and theri, the grind is real... my strategy now is picking a safe area as a starter base, where I don't need a fence and then moving and getting better farming dinos as soon as I can make cryopods, so building after that won't be as much of a pain.

  19. Yes that works but it seems slow and RNG based. Its a option ofcourse but I might just cheat because there is no real option to remove tames in ark for console pretty sad tbh no love for us and mods for pc. Idk this is a good option but I just want my tame to be removed like that I feel a bit jealous of pc.

  20. yeah I get what you mean. Seriously, I envy PC players so much, especially for the mods :')

  21. Even on pc i take all my unwanted tames and find a giga. Send them off and watch them die from a distance.

  22. If you like a bit of a challenge and something that's different than most maps, I really recommend Aberration. It's amazing!

  23. we've all been there mate. pro tip, always carry parachutes when you take a flying or climbing trip

  24. be aware tho that raptors aren't radiation proof! And they can get picked up... I'd get a megalo and level speed there instead. Ultimately I'd take both a megalo and spinos with parts of the team cryo'd up and either riding on a spino or on the megalo with a spino out because there are a**hole purlovia on the way down... megalos are also very very strong and can fight almost anything if leveled nicely! And with a bit more points into both health and melee, these spinos aren't gonna have an issue with the rock drakes :)

  25. Aberrant raptors are. Anything with an aberrant prefix is radiation immune.

  26. I think with aberration it's either you hate it or love it. I absolutely adore it and it's my favorite map. what I like about it:

  27. Don't spawn in the portal unless you want to die a lot the first few days lol

  28. how do you let them mature if it takes half a real life day ? you let your pc turned on all day ? that's where i mostly get scared of on singleplayer. i love to breed dinos bcs it makes them unique and stronger. I never tried to build something else than pvp base, might be fun to make lots of structures on a single player world

  29. I'm not entirely sure if it's what you mean, but I guess your worry comes down to the difference of playing on a server vs. local. If I understand correctly, playing on a server means the game keeps running even if you're not playing it, right? But if you play local, you can pause or leave the game and it will only resume once you continue playing. So, you can just play whenever you want and don't have to worry about tames getting killed or starving or not maturing when you're not playing. I hope that helps :)

  30. Yeah that's what i mean. If i play on a server and im trying to breed something likes rexes, once they hit 10% i just can put a feeding through and they'll mature during the night which i cant when im on a singleplayer, i've to play those night hours to actually get the same results. That's why i said i dont want to wait 30h in game times to have my rexes or waiting 30s to have them too. and the same problem goes to Gen2 with space generation being random each day, i used to log on the map, see what color was beacon and log out if it wasnt what i wanted

  31. Okay, I see what you're getting at. But I'd say try experimenting with maturing rates and find the one that you like best. And all in all if it's still not for you, then at least you know :) As for Gen2, I haven't played that yet, so I don't know about that either :/

  32. lol it was gone by the time i had the stuff to tame it

  33. it really depends on how you play and where. while the game has some issues and can be frustrating at times, it's also very very fun and it quickly became one of my favorite games ever. however I only play local singleplayer which I find the greatest experience since you can adjust settings to make it more enjoyable and less grindy but it's still a challenge because you have to do all the work yourself. pve is fun too but for me it's not emough of a challenge because you can progress very quickly unless you play on official servers. pvp can be a nightmare, especially if you're a newbie and don't have an experienced tribe to help you out. but overall, definitely give the game a try!

  34. omg something just like that happened to me last week. I'm early in on lost island, haven't played ark overall for long just a few weeks so far... I don't have cryopods yet, so I had all my tames (and they were a LOT) follow me from the beaches to the redwoods where I wanted to settle. Made it there alright, but a bit before the spot I wanted to get to was a cliff. So, I went up there on foot alone to check for a way down. Got jumped by a thyla and instantly killed. Had to spawn back on the beach base, ran all the way ahead and miraculously made it without a scratch but just before reaching my tames I got jumped by another thyla... haven't continued on that map yet. I'm too angry with myself😂

  35. PS is probably same as xbox. Hold down select to get the radial wheel options. Top left there are a few camera options, like 3rd person and orbital. Orbital allows you to see much further around you.

  36. thank you very much for the info! I'll try it out tonight :)

  37. Not sure on ps but it's bound to k on PC. Very useful to make sure your flyers are filling you correctly. I know this doesn't help much but it at least explains why they call it that

  38. thanks for the info anyway :D that mode sounds super helpful!

  39. I did google that’s why I asked in a passive manner to be nice to sensitive people like you. It is considered a mental disorder, I just wanted thought of someone who sees it differently. The negative aspect is cast by you. So your wrong in everything you said but I was trying to be nice

  40. I have no idea what exactly you googled... I just googled it myself now to check and have not seen one single article or page that mentions asexuality being a mental disorder. Everything LingLingSpirit said is on point and in sync with what you can find about the official definition of asexuality. So, I'm sorry but you are in the wrong, my friend.

  41. Is this generally due to a traumatic situation or mental illness? If it’s not about having sexual feelings or partaking in sex, which I see as natural and entrained in our primal brains. Wouldn’t going against that Be a disorder??

  42. No, absolutely not. It's neither caused by trauma nor is it a mental illness. It's neurological. And I'll repeat: it's a sexual orientation and those are very subjective. If you are, let's say for example straight and for you that's natural because of procreation etc. would you still think homosexuality is a disorder? And another example again: if you love cake but your friend hates it, would you also think that was due to trauma or mental illness?

  43. There was speculation before TLOUP1 released that various objects might be moved into different locations or replaced with other items, so maybe they are just somewhere else?

  44. can confirm, I'm not far into the game but I've played the remastered right before going into it to be able to compare and some objects and collectibles have been moved slightly

  45. Yeah I get your point but I don’t think it’s really a valid reason against including them. It’s not like Joel’s beard goes through a year of growth either, or like they’re concerned with the length of her ponytail not getting longer throughout the year, etc.

  46. Yes, was just responding to your first part. Should have added something to acknowledge your second part; sorry!

  47. all good ;) just wanted to reiterate that I totally get your point as well

  48. Maybe to make it look more realistic, is my guess. There's very few people with natural light blond hair, especially adults. Also in the remastered version she has clearly highlights, as is perfectly visible in this picture, and those don't occur naturally like that. Unless they have a hairdresser around that has actually access to bleach (which btw also expires after a certain amount of time), it's not very realistic for her to have such nicely highlighted hair.

  49. Maybe where you’re from? There’s tons of natural blondes in the Midwest US, not to mention Scandinavian countries

  50. that's why my main point is that it looks highlighted as if it was made by a hairdresser

  51. Was it this guy or another person who also had surgery to remove some fingers for the alien look?

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