1. Talk to customer service and switch to the white sim you'll get 5g then

  2. Canned air won't work you need a compressor with a fine tip blowing nozzle I used to do that all the time

  3. Zotac 3080 here mine does this at stop and start of fans but it doesn't seem as loud as yours.....not sure if it's cuz the microphone is so close but at my seat with headphones on with no sound I can't hear it.....hope this helps

  4. Anyone have a update does the newest update just work without changing settings?

  5. Well I was contacted by OnePlus and was asked to record and send the logs so they can figure out what is happening. *#800# is the logkit code they had me use to record feedback

  6. It's nice to see OnePlus is actually going to try. If you don't mind me asking did the contact you through the OnePlus forums?

  7. After I move the line and paying 60 for the first month can I move that line to a family plan for the second month? I know I will lose the $50 gift card I don't mind that

  8. If you can pull together another hundred or see if OnePlus takes a trade in on your phone get a OnePlus 8t for 399

  9. I'm not sure I see eye to eye on you with jumping from Visible to another carrier. But I do understand your frustration with this upgrade to Android 12. Just know it's not entirely Visible's fault. There a lot to blame on OnePlus and even Google. I don't think Android 12 was ready. For instance, the auto rotate is disabled when rebooting. That could be a fault of OnePlus or Google. Also Android 12 removes certain VPN options (if you use them). You can no longer use PPTP VPN connections. The slider on the side of the OnePlus9 no longer has settings available (which were present in the Android 11) in Android 12, that is most certainly OnePlus' fault for not providing that in their stock update.

  10. Regardless of whos fault it is. any of the three parties could fix it. If I remember correctly the apn settings are able to be changed by the visible app, so there is no reason why they couldn't fix it, even if it is a temporary fix.

  11. I mean at the end of the day I just want to be able to update my phone right. So at this point no matter who's fault it is the easier way to make this happen is to go to another carrier. We have no idea if anyone of them is actually working to fix this. If visible said hey in two weeks it will work I'd be ok with that. But the only way to figure out if it's even fixed it to update my phone and hope. In the case it's not fixed I have to wipe and restart. That's not a lot of fun either and a big waste of time. I am saying I'm leaving and I hope visible sees this so everyone else maybe one day can have it fixed for them.

  12. Question, is 32gb really necessary for any kind of gaming?

  13. escape from tarkov uses 16 gb all the time while yea 32 gb is reasonable for some gaming pc needs

  14. So it's essentially Microcenter releasing some of their stock on Amazon at a slightly higher markup compared to in-store

  15. This is better the micro center pricing the 9900k is $249 this motherboard is $180 that's $430 even with the $20 bundle promotion this is still $10 cheaper

  16. Service works fine for me with 8T. Though I can't get VVM to work. Anyone had luck with VVM?

  17. Works perfectly fine installed sim before first boot no issues so far tried calls mms sms

  18. Do WiFi calling or Sub6 5G work?

  19. I can't find a setting at all for wifi calling atm so I'm guessing no and visible doesn't have 5g yet so no I don't get 5g

  20. I purchased a vented front and back panel as well as 2 40mm noctua fans as front exhaust. It definitely helps with temps but it didn't do much for the USB disconnection issue. Getting a USB hub did help with that though.


  22. You see anything about a power supply swap I have one but switched back to the thermaltake p1 so I could get the 3080

  23. I got this yesterday with a 10% discount that Best Buy sent to members. Check your mail/account if you are a member.

  24. That's a birthday month discount unless it's your birthday this month you won't have the 10% off

  25. No, my birthday is in March and I got one then. This is a different one. It’s targeted, but different to the birthday one.

  26. I bit. I was waiting for my G9 to come in, but I have to at least try this out. The price is too good.

  27. dude microcenter was supposed to have mine monday they still dont have them yet so mad lol

  28. I was using a 5700 XT with Freesync and switching over to Nvidia has been night and day better. I get some flickering in menus and temporarily when things load and the framerate dips a bit, but it's nothing like what I was experiencing on the AMD card. And yes I'm using G-sync on Freesync on this monitor right now.

  29. Let me help ya out never buy anything amd again Nvidia and Intel and life is wonderful......glad you got it working to a point that is good for you I couldn't I'll wait a couple weeks for the Samsung c9.....if you figure anything else out please post I'm sure more people will eventually have questions as these will get more popular

  30. Well this AGON model is really nice for the price and I imagine many people will experience this - so I hope this helps people find the truth about how to fix these issues.

  31. Yea, I got mine. It took about a week to ship and then 3 or 4 days to arrive. Great monitor though!

  32. You having any issues seems I get back light flicker I might have to return it

  33. Well mine shipped today but it's saying it's gonna take a week to get to me. Shipping from CA.

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