1. Z is ounce, chill out on that Russian shit, but also fuck you!

  2. It's really fucked, the sub is an entire front for one scammer and there multiple shill accounts. Utter trash.

  3. Would this person happen to be claiming to be from Canada? I just got a whole thread about how legit he is

  4. Happiness lies within one's self, and the way to dig it out is coca 😅😅😅

  5. Taken forever to find something decent on the regular. This one is a beaut!

  6. I do it occasionally if I’m drinking with people I haven’t seen in a while so I don’t get too fucked up from alcohol. For me it balances out.

  7. When you get it, I think a good idea is to take a little and put on your tongue. If you can’t handle the taste or the feeling you may want to stop there.

  8. Arizona would give FL a run for its money...I’ve lived in both places

  9. It was always drinking that led to me riding the white pony. I can do lines and be fine drinking Gatorade or water, but if I’m drinking and I’m out I’ll always be looking for the the guy sniffing or making multi trips to the bathroom to see if I can buy a bag or at least a line.

  10. Fuck all these hit me ups and my plug can do this. Don’t buy shit from no one online. $80 is the average in the states unless you’re buying large quantities.

  11. It’s not a great price, but it’s the going price.

  12. I made those lines too big. I took one line and this is probably the best coke ive had in a while definitely gotta save this😂

  13. I asked about the dark web and was banned for sourcing, which wasn’t my intent

  14. 20 grams! Fucking Christ I wouldn’t be functioning

  15. That’s the thing...I don’t have a guy. I moved a couple years ago and tried meeting people out at bars and it is just inconsistent as fuck

  16. This question depends on a couple things, quality and quantity. I’ll be 40 in 6 months, did this shit hard for like 8 years (good quality and HEAVY drinking) and people are still surprised I’m as old as I am. Stay hydrated, wash your face and you should be fine.

  17. Are Strip Clubs open in NY? That’s always where I would go when I was in a new town

  18. $56!!!!!!! In US that’s about the price of a half gram of absolute shitty product. I need to plan a trip!

  19. I have plenty of money for it and comedowns are nothing for me literally go to sleep like a baby come has no control and I can stop with snap of a finger

  20. Congrats! I love it way too much and if it’s actually quality it’s hard for me to walk away from. There’s where the issue lies anymore, finding decent shit

  21. I feel that, gotta be worst, I’m blessed that my plug sells straight off brick 🙏🏼

  22. Haven’t been able to get straight off the brick since I lived in AZ years back!

  23. If you don’t have a connect go to a strip club, they usually know where to get decent, if not the best stuff.

  24. I hope by online you don’t mean Reddit. EVERYONE has fire on here and they’ll leave it under a rock that you can GPS for money upfront...🤣

  25. In agreement if you’re in a low point maybe not the best move BUT since you’ve “made up your mind” order not to spiral out of control, the moment you think you are—STOP.

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