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  1. I hope spring training has given him the confidence to turn it around when it matters. If his bat is turned on this year the lineup is completely changed

  2. Touki Toussaint is such a big league name. He’ll get there!

  3. I just feel like Pete Alonso has Nick Swisher energy

  4. Stadium was shaking so much it knocked the camera out of focus

  5. Phenomenal game. And you know who I really want to hear from now? Captain of this team and massive penised Mark DeRosa

  6. Ok, Gimé lead off homer and then three strikeouts in a row

  7. Omg we are NOT "Mark DeRosa's ball club" PLEASE

  8. Mr Myles Straw batting above .300 in Spring Training. It will be season-changing if he can be effective at the plate this year

  9. One of my top three wishes for the season is that he proves that last year was just him getting started

  10. He has exactly 27 days to turn it around

  11. Oviedo, 23 years old... keep it up man. Got to love when some of these guys come out of the woodwork

  12. Naylor hitting like he took Bell’s signing personally

  13. I love Straw, but this year are we thinking over or under 1 homer on the year? Lol I just wanna see how the dugout reacts when he hits one, pure electricity lol

  14. Really hope he dedicated his off-season to plate performance

  15. Hey Tito, I hear you, I really do but also like, how’s the team going to be?

  16. Sources: Tito is beside himself. Driving around downtown Arizona begging (thru texts) for address to White Sox spring training.

  17. Tonight, he’ll go home and stare sadly down at a pot of al dente pasta on the stove, wondering why water must take so long to boil

  18. Wouldn’t say the speed is poor, just not an elite runner like Rosario who is in the top 10 of speed in the MLB. It’s just average speed and not really a base stealer. If he hits his ceiling, you would compare arias similarly to a Carlos Correa type player.

  19. As long as he's not a Carlos Correa-type person

  20. Could someone fill me in if Arias is supposed to be better than Rosario long term?

  21. I was expecting Wild Thing and what I got was pretty wild

  22. Yeah, wrong pick. The ones that came before those would have been a far better choice. I love the all red.

  23. And Bo! (Glad Josh chose to sit this one out tho)

  24. The G in our logo continues to stand for Girl Power

  25. Missed opportunity to name them Terry Franksona

  26. How many people leave the earth with a net-positive impact to their community at large?

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