1. Of course it’s ok to be white. It’s fantastic to be white. Simply by being born white you will, on average, be richer, attain higher education and have better health outcomes than everyone else in the world. It’s not rocket science.

  2. So when is all this wealth coming my way, I've been a poor white Hispanic for over 60 years.

  3. I think every time a woman is raped he should be kicked in the balls by the US Woman’s Soccer team.

  4. The reason the US did not want to give Ukraine M1’s was a legitimate one, they are gas hogs and a maintenance nightmare from want I understand. (Any American ex-tankers out there want to give us the skinny.) I can see Germany’s problem with have German tanks fighting the Russians, it is just to easy for Putin to use German tanks in the Ukraine as a propaganda bludgeon.

  5. How about I get to 999 million then I retire and flip you the bird.

  6. Nice try, but your own state set goals of 50% renewables by 2030 and you’re only at ~30% today. The power from this plant would have helped you reach your goal. With this type of opposition occurring across the state, you’re bound to fall short of your climate goals, and we as a species are bound to continue baking ourselves to death.

  7. Build it in California if you want it so bad, we have our own projects to get done, geothermal in the north and a lithium mine.

  8. Did you even read what I just wrote? Nevada literally has a goal to build more renewables, and this plant directly aligns with Nevada’s goal. Stop acting like this is California fucking you over.

  9. Nothing I have read has said this site was going to the Nevada grid.

  10. I have been poor most of my life (62) and I vote Republican more for foreign policy and defense. I’m also a disabled veteran so my politics were formed during the Cold War.

  11. I was a Machinist Mate in the US Navy, and a good hammer is a must have to keep the engines purring.

  12. Is pool fencing not a requirement in The US?

  13. Little kids are like monkeys, they can find a way through any normal fencing. And yes since like the 80's fencing has been required around pools.

  14. If you are mixing a 250 dollar scotch you should be exiled to a dry country for forty years.

  15. I guess this answers the question, who needs an AR-15 well we all do.

  16. I think you are great and why someone would think your an asshole for helping an employee and at the same time giving a beginning legal assistant a chance to learn the business.

  17. How easily can these engines be converted to going BOOM ? Does nuclear always mean big BOOM?

  18. No, for an explosion that is nuclear the fuel needs to be configured in a special geometry, density and enrichment. It might be possible to re-machine the fuel which would be uranium but one engine may not have enough recoverable fuel. I believe the original test engine NASA had built in the late sixties had the uranium embedded in an iconel alloy.

  19. There are a few non-nuclear explosions you can get, if a reactor core (the engine core) was hot enough water flooding the core could cause a steam explosion. This happens when something is so hot it brakes the water into hydrogen and oxygen which will explode under the right conditions.

  20. If the mind is a quantum field it could bend probability to the extent of changing subjective reality, fancy mind over mater.

  21. Philip K Dick used Simulacra which the name of the book.

  22. In Niven’s known space before ftl the colonies were done by ramjet sleeper ships and normally the colony was under the UN but in reality they were independent of Earth. It took ten years to go from Earth to Alpha Centauri.

  23. If you believe quantum theory, nowhere it just popped into existence at the appropriate time.

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