1. Management wants to switch and use python automated reports.

  2. Currently learning python and pandas. In the end you would still using Power Bi or tablou to show fancy graphics. I don't think, like mentioned before, the management want to scroll a Jupiter notebook.

  3. Same problem. Shouldn't be a problem. Check out Statequest on YouTube for refreshing.

  4. It’s more of a next steps for me… I plan on staying for a year or two before I look for another position but it would be good for me to start learning and knowing what to have as skills before I take on a future role

  5. Sounds like a good idea. I just go with the flow. Wish I would have been able to be more like you.

  6. It seems, that in the long run it would be helpful to know. Maybe to automate stuff, code scripts and simple solutions, code a simple data pipeline before the data engineer takes over.

  7. I haven't seen it, so what about Twin stick shooters like Nex Machina or other bullet hell stuff? Or my arcade games like "R-Type"?

  8. Friseur Michele am Ostplatz. Find meine Frisur gut, gibt auch günstigen Modell - Haarschnitt, mit Termin und Zeit.

  9. Einige Einkaufsgeschaefte haben Toiletten, oder ein Getränk im Restaurant.

  10. Second for Dorfromantik. Nice relaxing puzzle game


  12. You’re a legend, thank you!

  13. It's not about the time, more about the investment and the experience.

  14. I'm a beginner, with no experience. That said, maybe there is a repetitive task you could automate with Python?

  15. Yes, thank you, I will try to give an example. It's just “basic” python.

  16. By the way. I am a false-beginner in Python, JS, Powershell. At Codewars my username is

  17. Good way. I'm doing a bunch of stuff to get a broader view, like doing examples from a book (automate boring stuff with python). I'm not as experienced as you are :).

  18. You could also look out for the rpgmaker, just to get a feeling for making a game.

  19. I'm on the side "it's a game, and it let's you play".

  20. I'm not a pro, but depending on your task and outcome you can look at Power Bi or maybe low code with Power apps and the Power platform. I was listening to a sales talk, and this could work with your environment. It's a Microsoft project, especially for Microsoft environments.

  21. I don't know one, but for starter, just check out the Table of Contents from the

  22. Besides the power I would look out for a screen size you feel comfortable with. I have a 14"and I would wish for more screen. Especially when you are coding, trying to read a documentation or see your solution in real time.

  23. La noir seems really fun, is it worth it?

  24. The udemy course is good and all but honestly the best course is the Microsoft learning path

  25. Do you have a link for that, or is that the tutorial in the program?


  27. I pre-ordered my laptop in 2021 and was picking it up at best buy. Sometimes they have it to.

  28. Thank you, I will save this information.

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