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  1. What was up with Titsie McGee or wearing the pink shirt?

  2. Both teams in white helmets?!?!??

  3. She ope. It with her teeth?

  4. Legend Bowl looks awesome. So, just connect a keyboard when starting it up and I’ll be good?

  5. You can play exhibition games without the keyboard. If you wanna do a franchise, you will need the keyboard to put in the name of the team, but after that you're good! It's really fun though.

  6. How long after ordering does shipping usually happen?

  7. Lots of other tech companies in the area are doing hybrid or fully dispersed.

  8. 3/4ths of the team I was on bailed the fuck out.

  9. Who is out there at QB we could pick up?

  10. If he is out for an extended time, who could we bring in?

  11. Watching this via Redzone. Our play calling is as shitty as the Lions. Let that marinate

  12. 5th highest paid WR in the league lmao

  13. I’m in the upper keys and wondering if we should head home Sunday or ride it out. Anyone have an opinion?

  14. As a current employee for > 5 years, BW has had an awful stance with regard to COVID as well as return to office. Pre-COVID it was relatively laid back, several employees I knew personally(none of which are still here) would work from home 1-2 times a week no problem but ever since COVID its been a nightmare.

  15. In the early days you were not even allowed to wear a mask as it might frighten people. Insane. This was pre-vax.

  16. This is BS as they have senior leaders that have always been remote. Are they being forced to move to Raleigh?

  17. At this point, I don't even know how to buy digital music anymore. Not even kidding.

  18. Merge straight from the label.

  19. Likes: paying $79 for a pizza Hates: clapping

  20. As soon as he came into the game Mac was going to get him the ball no matter what.

  21. We scored 7 points and are listed 14th?

  22. I think the bigger question is if we end up with a top 5 pick, and there a generational QB available, do we take him.

  23. Any more news on Mac’s back?

  24. If he’s out for 6-8, what do we do?

  25. This egg graphic. Why list the Pats. 1 game

  26. I didn’t realize we only ran 2 personnel groupings the entire game. That’s fucking embarrassing.

  27. I’m pretty sure he just hit the suggested play option in Madden.

  28. Impossible. Madden suggests 3 plays from 3 separate formations.

  29. Bright side, it’ll be short season if we don’t make the playoffs

  30. Yeah, we could be outta this by early November

  31. Bourne should demand a trade if they bench him again next week

  32. Looks like it almost missed.

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