Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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  1. Wishing someone's death is much worse, especially if you threat only to punch someone.

  2. It isn't though, because there is no threat behind wishing someone's death. Threatening to punch someone is actually a threat.

  3. You are such a pussy if you think erobb would seriously harm you, just look at him...

  4. I was just arguing a point, not even really thinking about erobb. But maybe you need to think about him a little less.

  5. TIL There are people who've seen Leeroy Jenkins and thought it was real?!??

  6. LOL - nice, but sound it out a little more as though you are from Lower Arkansas. 😁

  7. That's ok, I try not to use racist terms as a rule.

  8. Ukraine made a deal with the US back in the 90s to give up nukes in exchange for US protection from foreign invasion. Ukraine kept their part of the deal, the US did not. What do you think other countries, countries like Iran, or North Korea, or China, or literally any country which wants to produce nukes, will say about this? "The US lied to Ukraine to deprive them of their means of protection, nukes are our only chance of survival, we HAVE to make them if we want to stay a safe and independent country"

  9. That agreement in the 90s was for the UK, the US, and RUSSIA to protect Ukraine after they destroyed their nuclear stockpile.

  10. Use a spoon. Dig out some d8 disty. Quickly pull the glob off the end of the spoon and drop it in a glass dish you have already zeroed on a scale. Weigh out how much you want, subtracting if necessary. Add a little MCT Oil and a bit of liquid sunflower lecithin and melt on a mug warmer at 195 F or so. Stir together, let cool, and drink.

  11. Oh wait, I know. Because America is better than most countries.

  12. You know how they leave some people from getting into the survival ark in every apocalypse movies? These people doesn't even know there's an apocalypse.

  13. Ironically, these are probably the people who would survive.

  14. When you get fat enough, physical pain. None of that other bullshit matters once you're pushing 600 pounds and your whole life is just pain.

  15. Have you guys played 2? It's pretty fun, and it's free. Yes, there are microtransactions. I'm not sure why they're so controversial this time around though. I haven't played a game without them in years--I have, however, played a lot of games with far less enjoyable free content than OW2. This game is good, truly a lot of this drama is a non-issue. You really don't have to spend any money on this game. Even if you do, you can pay far less than the cost of a new game these days and still get a lot of payed content, if that's your thing.

  16. Here's the thing, for those of us who bought 1 it's like we already spent money on 2 because they are taking away 1.

  17. I would tell you they are delusional or blissfully ignorant of other media. And that's fine, it's ok to enjoy something in blissful ignorance.

  18. Nice essay, I was just saying some people like questing more than raiding.

  19. I'm sorry, do you want me to make a 15 second tik tok that's easier for you to digest?

  20. Nah I read it, it was just a waste of time.

  21. I mean, sometimes they do. Source = I'm at over 300 pounds of weight loss currently.

  22. Congratulations that is very impressive and inspiring. I think my point still stands though, considering there’s no record of anyone that big becoming that small ever. Doesn’t mean you can’t lose 400-600 pounds though just getting down to 125 is not possible. None of this matters though because we know it’s fake. I only wanted to respond because you’re a damn impressive person

  23. Answer: Comedian Andrew Schultz recently released a free comedy special on youtube and he devotes a section of it to jokes about Michael Jackson. Maybe not the only reason, but it could be contributing to recent mentions of Michael Jackson.

  24. What ?! A $1 a gram ?! Where do you live ?!!! Geez I'm in Canada and that price would be a deal. As a business you can't even get it for that price

  25. I actually get mine for less than that, like $12 for 14 grams.

  26. I'm only using a 2.1 system so it doesn't come into play, but from a quick google search it looks like optical will carry atmos.

  27. I double checked and it looks like they can't, I made the first search before my morning coffee.

  28. Dude, you ever see a courtroom tv show where they introduce a character witness? Same concept.

  29. It's not the same concept. In those situations, those witnesses are called to give relevant testimony.

  30. Nobody has mentioned it, but the biggest advantage Amazon has is that they offer higher sound quality.

  31. Why would I switch to the more niche product that costs more and doesn't work as well with the rest of my tech?

  32. Not sure about this company in general the packaging is suspec.t Some new products have hit the CBD market that Have legal levels of D9 this is how i understand itThe industrial hemp bill states under 0.3% THC on dry weight basis that is tested after harvest. most of the Really high grade indoor CBD strains have a mix of cannabinoids CBD/CBG/ CBDV CGN ect These blends of cannaboniods create an entourage effect that feel indistinguishable from regular weed some strains when extracted Dabs can contain 2-3% of THCA and Becuase it was created from a hemp strain with under 0.3% on a dry weight so it's federally legal THC The DEA has made statments on D8 and 9 extracted from hemp and have said It's legal.

  33. Yeah except this package doesn't say hemp derived anywhere on it so it's probably black market.

  34. House of the Dragon gets a pass because it's actually watchable and Rings of Power is boring.

  35. The whole "in a videogame" is for when you say something like "I'm going to kill you... in a videogame" because otherwise it's a threat. You are allowed to wish people's death. It's not a threat.

  36. Let me adjust the comment for you to emphasize my point.

  37. She's been playing chess and being coached in it her whole life. She probably doesn't give a fuck about naming every animal, lmao

  38. I bet Magnus Carlsen knows what a buffalo is.

  39. This is the moment you can tell that NL was an only child. This is not about who gets the biggest slice, its 100% about fighting with your sibling all day everyday baby

  40. He is also tiny. Of course he would be arguing on behalf of the shorter sister.

  41. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't EA games already use kernal level anti-cheat software like EAC?

  42. not sure how that makes it any better? some knew they were going to massachusetts, yes, but they thought they were going to boston. martha’s vineyard is not boston. anybody being shipped off to a place and not knowing where they are is horrid, in my personal opinion.

  43. Boy life sure is rough for these illegal immigrants.

  44. No but they did knowingly and willingly break the law by illegally entering the country.

  45. For me, carts are much harsher than dabbing. But I mostly do MCT+D8+Liquid Sunflower Lecithin tinctures. The lecithin makes it kick in quicker.

  46. I haven't played one for a while. Still interested in the genre and hoping AoC will pique my interest if/when it eventually releases.

  47. Age of Conan came out like 14 years ago /s

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