1. Long time $TSLA bag holder here. Should I sell now and accept my 18% loss or do you think it will go up more?

  2. Oh man, Combate just said the card today has only 6 fights, they are not gonna show the main event just like last week? This sucks... there's nowhere else for me to watch legally...

  3. Chatri needs to fire whoever keeps signing and hyping up these “marketable” girls.

  4. …Nooo oooone pins like Gaston. Or slams tren like Gaston…

  5. There no one’s who claims “natty, built diff” like Gaston!

  6. Is this their way of getting out of their responsibilities? Is this the way they act?

  7. Spoiler: Xiaoyu is/was pregnant. The baby is Jin’s. This is what she’s been tracking him down for.

  8. So confused… so is there a new King of Iron Fist Tournament? Who is hosting it?

  9. Finally, a character grounded in realty. Surprised she didn’t pull out a sword or shoot fireballs.

  10. Tekken was never grounded in reality. It’s a game with fighting bears, dinosaur, robots, demons etc. People being shot in the head and getting back up, people getting thrown off mountains and walking it off but yeah we need more characters grounded in reality 😂.

  11. Stop being pedantic they never had projectiles and ranged attacks as a common thing. It always just one or two characters. Tekken 4 had none of it. All the bs you mentioned happened in character endings. Dinosaurs, bears, robots and demons were very few too. Those could be in the realm of possibility but not shooting your opponent with a rail gun but then they get up ready for round 2. Or Ninja having guns to just shoot the opponent with multiple times throughout the fight.

  12. Probably tomorrow going by usual update pattern. But would understand if they waited a little longer to fix some things.

  13. Yep this exactly. I like the game and I’ve had fun playing it but it feels like a really good demo. Not even an EA game

  14. It’s better than most EAs considering the type of game it is. I think some single player content outside of prize fights and create a fighter would improve things.

  15. To be fair; nearly all the fighters from ONE FNF live in or are semi-permanently based in Thailand so $1200 goes a long way. I believe that could cover like 1-2 months of someones living expenses.

  16. Different kind of bad rep. I haven't seen a Chinese person absolutely twatted walking bare-chested through the street with a pint of Oranjeboom in his hand before.

  17. Go to Philippines or Thailand and you find this type of Chinese tourist. Usually they work for a gang that has set up operations abroad. They act as if they are Gods amongst mortals and treat the locals terribly

  18. Happens to me too. Get a few normal rounds then suddenly they become super Saiyan

  19. Yeah if they are going to give him a weapon I'd rather it be a knife. Maybe a pistol for some kind of execution style rage art.

  20. Do you seriously want to see things like that in a Tekken game?

  21. Aren’t there plenty of characters who have nothing but their body as their weapon? Dragunov comes to mind.

  22. Tekken 8 Dragunov(if confirmed) will likely use a sniper rifle and poison needles in his attacks.

  23. She had better not count her chickens before the eggs hatch, as Chatri essentially said the same thing when she defeated Denice for the second time. A year ago he confirmed Ham will get the next title shot against Lee.

  24. Chatri seems to hate Ham for derailing the scripts he had written for Denice or Itsuki as title challengers. He originally signed Ham hoping that her age would be a problem and that one of his young hype jobs could score a win over a legend to pad their resume.

  25. I would love to try something like this without nearly 600mg of fucking caffeine in it.

  26. I agree with you. We should be allowed use our custom boxers.

  27. Why are so many people choosing his sperm? I always assumed sperm banks had an endless supply and the chances of your sperm being chosen were quite low.

  28. No, its fact. Krillin has never been equal to or stronger than Goku's base form. Not once since the character was introduced.

  29. A lot of people feel it’s insensitive to expect her to give a timeframe as to how long she plans to be gone because her sister passed away. It’s sad but ONE shouldn’t hold up a division for one fighter unless injury or pregnancy. I can’t imagine they would do this for another champion if their family member passed away. They would probably want to know when/if they are returning after a few months.

  30. The sister passing is super sus as well. Without clarifying they are opening themselves up to discussions of conspiracy. The downvote brigade on it just reinforces it.

  31. Yeah it’s quite odd. It’s implied suicide but everything around it just seems very dark with how silent everyone is being about it and the fact no one said anything until almost a month later and then the gym closing down.

  32. No offense but who tf is Edgar Tabares i feel like they’ve just been lining up randoms for Rodtang to fight

  33. I saw a clip of him training on IG and it did not look impressive at all. ONE seems have found an easy muay thai can for Rodtang to absorb hits from and knockout in some spectacular fashion for their highlight reel.

  34. They leaving out Thai sponsor names now. Those Lumpinee cards confused a lot of people.

  35. That makes sense. A lot of the thai names are hard to pronounce as it is and then adding the gym name just confuses even more non-thai viewers.

  36. Not sure how Zhang got a bonus when he was fighting an unranked nobody and won by decision.

  37. Yeah, I thought I was hallucinating when Derek deleted his video on that K pop guy Wonho? Talk about a propaganda machine

  38. Yeah I’m guessing if a Korean sued Derek for defamation in Korean courts it wouldn’t mean him being extradited from Canada to Korea but it would mean legal trouble if he ever intends to visit Korea or do business there. They could probably force YouTube to take action too.

  39. There's no way anyone is dumb enough to think this chick is in any way natural.

  40. You would be shocked at the amount of Koreaboos who think Korean body builders are natural because “they eat healthier than Americans/westerners and work out 3 hours a day. I love BTS 💜💜💜”

  41. She's Nigerian not AA, many West African women are naturally stacked.

  42. No. Her father is African American. Ice Spice did an ancestry test and saw she had a lot of Nigerian DNA which is common for most African Americans but African Americans do not identify themselves as nor feel any connection with Nigeria. Most Nigerians don’t even consider AA to be African because they’ve been separated for 300 years.

  43. Everyones blaming Drake but have we considered that maybe there was an issue with compensation, security, venue safety or something that made him pull out?

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